Minority Report Tries to Spice Things Up

MINORITY REPORT GETS SEXY FOR FREDI EPISODEWell that was fast. Just four episodes into its freshman season and Minority Report is already trying to get its sexy on.

The Fox sci-fi drama plans to turn up the heat when it airs its Fredi episode, which has Dash going undercover to catch a woman suspected of having a deadly vendetta against her sister’s killer.

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Minority Report’s Second Week Ratings

MEAGAN GOOD STARS IN MINORITY REPORTWhile I have been enjoying Minority Report immensely. It seems few others can say the same.

The Fox sci-fi drama debuted last week to 3.1 million viewers and a 1.1 demo rating. This week it slips, securing just over 2.7 million viewers and a 0.9 in the advertiser coveted demographic of 18-49 year olds.

The show’s DVR ratings however have been solid, which Fox may take into consideration when deciding whether to renew the show for a second season, or allowing it to finish out its 13-episode freshman season.
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Minority Report Ratings

Minority Report Ratings for it’s Pilot Episode Were Soft

MINORITY REPORT RATINGSFox’s new sci-fi drama Minority Report got off to a pretty shaky start last night. According to TV by the Numbers, the show’s pilot episode drew a disappointing 3.1 million viewers, and an even more disappointing 1.1 demo within the advertiser coveted 18-49 age group.

It should be noted that the show’s pilot episode leaked almost a month ago. I can’t say whether that had an adverse affect on the show’s premiere episode, but it definitely could have.
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Meagan Good Shines in Fox’s Minority Report

MEAGAN GOOD IN MINORITY REPORTAfter having just watched the pilot episode of Minority Report, Fox’s new sci-fi drama staring Meagan Good, I think I can safely say the actress has finally found her sweet spot.

Meagan is no stranger to leading lady status, having helmed NBC’s Deception back in 2013. However, if you watched that show, then you know that while Meagan was billed as the star, she was often cast aside in the storyline, which led to disgruntled fans, low ratings and eventual cancelation.
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Minority Report Cast Photos

Fox Releases New Minority Report Cast Photos

Minority Report Cast PhotosAt today’s (2015) Summer TCA Tour, Fox unveiled all new Minority Report cast photos, as well as a new promo poster for the show.

Having undergone extensive reshoots caused by the addition of a prominent new cast member, the network obviously felt the show needed a new look, and update the main poster to include Nick Zano, who has taken on the role of Author, and Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Detective Will Blake.
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Actress Meagan Good On Her New Comedic Role

Meagan Good Tries Her Hand at Comedy

MEAGAN GOOD ON MR ROBINSONWith two fall shows to promote this TV season, actress Meagan Good has been quite the busy little bee. Along with her starring role on the Fox sci-fi drama Minority Report, Meagan will also have a recurring role on the NBC comedy Mr. Robinson.

Comedian Craig Robinson keeps his name for the show and plays the lead singer of a struggling band (Nasty Delicious) who takes a job as a music teacher to make ends meet. Robinson quickly becomes infatuated with beautiful English teacher Victoria Wavers (Meagan) and from there sparks begin to fly.
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Meagan Good Does Comic Con Promo

Actress Meagan Good Promotes “Minority Report” at 2015 San Diego Comic Con

Getty Images Portrait Studio Powered By Samsung Galaxy At Comic-Con International 2015Actress Meagan Good and her fellow cast members (Stark Sands and Wilmer Valderrama) from Fox’s upcoming sic-fi drama Minority Report were on hand yesterday at San Diego Comic Con to promote their new show.

Fans in attendance were treated to a twenty minute preview of the pilot, which recently had to undergo reshoots to accommodate the twin characters of Dash and Author being played by two separate actors, rather than one.
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Meagan Good’s Husband Comes to Her Defense + Minority Report Gets Rewrites

Devon Franklin Says His Wife is Free to Dress as She Pleases… Duh

2015 Essence Music Festival - Seminars - Day 3

Meagan Good and hubby DeVon Franklin were participants in the Diversity in Media, Television and Film Panel, which took place over the weekend at the Essence Music Festival. During a Q&A session with fans and the media, the couple once again found themselves fielding questions about Meagan’s sometimes provocative attire.

Franklin, who is a Sony exec and Seventh Day Adventist minister, quickly came to his wife’s defense, telling the crowd his wife is her own person and is free to do and dress as she pleases. “I don’t own her and she does not own me. We are together and I respect whatever she chooses to put on,” Franklin explained. “When I married her, I knew she was her own person. I said, ‘I accept you for who you are and whatever you choose to wear, that is your right.’”

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Minority Report Gets its First Official Poster

MEAGAN GOOD MINORITY REPORTFox has just unveiled the official poster for their upcoming sci-fi drama Minority Report, and unlike the trailer that was previewed at last month’s UpFronts, features actress Meagan Good front and center.

For those of you who need a quick refresher, Meagan and actor Stark Sands are co-leads, though Fox’s first trailer for the show did not make that very apparent. The day after the first trailer was released, a second was unveiled, which then showed a bit more of Meagan’s character.

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Trailer: Meagan Good in ‘Minority Report’


Meagan Good’s new sci-fi series Minority Report has officially gotten it’s first trailer.

As previously reported, Meagan is set to play police detective Lara Vega in the Fox drama, which is set to air this September in Sleepy Hollow’s old time slot of Monday nights at 9pm.

The trailer was unveiled at yesterday’s FoxUpFronts event where Meagan and co-stars Wilmer Valderrama and Stark Sands hit up the blue carpet to smooze with fans and hopefully sell their show to potential advertisers.
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Meagan Good’s ‘Minority Report’ Picked Up By Fox


Meagan Good is officially heading back to network television thanks to Fox picking up her recent pilot “Minority Report.”

Even had Fox not picked the show up fans of the 32-year old actress would have still been able to see her on their screens this fall thanks to her also landing a recurring role on the upcoming NBC comedy “Mr. Robinson.”
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Meagan Good Lands Lead Role in New Fox Pilot


Meagan Good has been quite the busy little bee this pilot season. As Deadline reported a few weeks ago, black actresses are in high demand this season and no one has been as highly sought after as “Think Like a Man” actress Meagan Good.

Despite her first foray as a lead on a network series ending in cancelation, Meagan’s services have continued to be in high demand, leading to several network bidding wars. Meagan was contractually obligated to NBC despite “Deception” being axed after one season. However, it appears Fox has stepped in and landed the actress for their female lead in the upcoming sci-fi drama “Minority Report.”
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Meagan Good Produces New Web Series


Actress Meagan Good has teamed up with “Baby Boy” actress Tamara Bass to co-produce a new web series titled “All that Matters.”

The plot revolves around a newly engaged couple, Kevin and Joy (played by Bass), whose relationship is turned upside when Joy’s sister abandons her child, leaving Joy to either care for her, or risk losing her fiancé who does not want to take on the responsibility.
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Meagan Good Reunites with NBC Again


Meagan Good doesn’t appear to be sweating her NBC pilot “Babylon Fields” being downgraded to simple movie of the week status, as she has already moved on and landed yet another network gig.

According to published reports, Meagan will remain in the comfy bosom of NBC, securing a major recurring role on the network’s upcoming six-episode series “Mr. Robinson,” starring actor and stand-up comedian Craig Robinson.
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Meagan Good Joins ‘NO MORE’ Campaign


In the wake of her role as a victim of domestic violence on the NBC hit series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” actress Meagan Good has announced her affiliation with NO MORE, a public service campaign dedicated to bringing attention to the growing trend of victim shaming in the media.

Meagan will appear in online public service announcements and tour the country speaking at events hosted by NO MORE, which launched in 2009 with a focus on awareness and the prevention of domestic violence and sexual assaults.
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