Michelle Williams Scores Another Dance Hit

Michelle Williams The Greatest Congratulations goes out to former DC3 member, Michelle Williams, who just scored her first solo #1 club hit. Michelle’s most recent single, The Greatest, just vaulted to the top of the charts on Billboard and is the second single from Michelle’s Unexpected CD to go #1 on the music charts. The singer’s first single, We Break The Dawn also went to #1 on the dance radio chart. Michelle recently spoke to Corduroy Magazine about her hopes and aspirations for her solo career and said: “My goal isn’t to sell-out stadiums or be on the cover of magazines anymore”. “My dream path is just to get that loyal fan base. I don’t care if it’s a hundred million or a hundred thousand. I’d rather play an underground club where people all know your songs than perform for audiences who have no idea who you are.”
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