Michelle Williams Covers Michigan Avenue

Singer Michelle Williams is covering the latest issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine. Michelle’s interview was conducted by fellow R&B singer Deborah Cox, who like Michelle, has spent quite a few years on Broadway appearing in musicals and making a name for herself as an actress.

Michelle shared several exclusives with Michigan Avenue, including the title of her upcoming album, tentatively set for a late fall/early winter release.

According to Michelle, ‘Journey to Freedom’ is almost complete and will feature the writing and producing skills of Brian Michael Cox, Harmony Samuels and will be released via the singer’s own newly formed EOne Records.

Read below for excerpts, as well as the photo shoot and behind-the-scenes video.

Deborah: How does your upcoming album, Journey to Freedom, focus on your life?
Michelle: People identify when your music comes from the heart and speaks truth. There was a time last year when I didn’t know if I could record and finish one song, and it took me a while to really be comfortable and allow other people to help me with my thoughts. We had some incredible writers who were able to help me with my own situation, and it really helped deliver me out of some of those dark moments.

Deborah: How have Beyoncé and Kelly influenced you as a solo artist?
Michelle: Being in the group that long—with even Bey and Kelly, being in the group that long for them—just rubs off on you. The friendships continue to inspire, but the genres are so different now. I can’t wait for them to hear [my new album], so I can be like “Okay, what do y’all think?” They’re like, “Girl, do this or do that.” But we really try to keep the solo stuff separate.

Deborah: Looking back, what advice would you give your 19-year-old self?
Michelle: Not to take things personally. Actually I wouldn’t change anything that I have done because I have been blessed to know some great people. Deb, there are some people we know—Big Jim?
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