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LG Shine (Red) I recently bit the bullet and decided to replace my broken down unlocked Motorola SLVR with a new and more updated phone. Now because I am not very tech savvy and really don’t use my phone that often, I didn’t really look for features, rather I decided to buy one that had qualities most women look for when buying new things- I bought one that I thought was pretty (lol). Yep, my sleek new $319.00 (before tax) phone is none other than the LG Shine- the red one y’all. This phone is so cute. It is a slider phone that has the basis stuff phones have camera, video, mp3 player- but most of all ladies- are you sitting down? This baby has a mesmerizing 2.2 wide mirror LCD- that means when idle you can check your make-up with this cute little thingy because it turns into a mirror. This feature alone sold me on the phone.
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