Alicia Keys’ “Fresh Takes” Micro Series

Singer Alicia Keys has been tapped by Dove and MTV to star in their Real Beauty TV micro-series, “Fresh Takes”. The series will revolve around a group of 20 something year old females and the pressures they must overcome in order to pursue their dreams. Each mini series will air as a commercial interstitials during the March 24th premiere of “The Hill”, which airs on MTV.
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Keyshia Cole Preps New CD For X-Mas Release

Keyshia Cole latest CD, “Just Like You”, hasn’t been out for six months and yet the singer says her record label; Geffen, is already pressuring her to have a new album ready for the Christmas season. This is bad news as far as I am concerned because in my opinion artists need time to rest and rejuvenate so they can live a little and come back with fresh and new ideas. Throwing albums together in a couple of months may work for fluffy pop acts but I believe Keyshia’s fans want more than a bunch songs thrown together for the sake of appeasing the record label. They want Keyshia herself. They want Keyshia to come back singing about her life, her pains and her experiences. In other words, they don’t want “Umbrella” from Keyshia. They want some real soul.
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Preview Video: Mary J. Blige Just Fine

Singer Mary J. Blige is back with a new song and a new sound. Just Fine is the first single from Mary’s upcoming Growing Pains CD and a preview of the video has been made available by MTV who were granted exclusive on the set access. You guys know I don’t like posting videos on the main page so you know what you gotta do if you wanna see it- click on over to the next page.
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Friday’s Photo Fix

Rihanna TRL Ok you guys, you know how we do things around here every Friday. Because I get so many pics during the week that I don’t use, I throw them up here at the end of the week for you all to critique. This week’s batch of pics consists of Rihanna visiting TRL, Beyonce frolicking around in a bathing suit, a new photo shoot with Keyshia Cole, and whatever else I can fit into this post. To get things started just check out Rihanna to your right. She stopped by MTV’s TRL earlier this week to talk about her upcoming Good Girl Gone Bad World Tour which will feature Ciara as her opening act. As always Rihanna was looking fabulous and proving why she is the right choice to be the new face of an upcoming Dsquared ad campaign, or so rumor says.
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Rihanna Performs For Unicef

Rihanna Rihanna is reminding me of Beyonce more and more everyday. Not only is her sense of fashion as impeccable as Beyonce’s is, but she stays on the grind like Beyonce as well, recognizing the importance of being seen and staying in the spotlight. You know what they say, outta sight, outta mind- and judging from the amount of candid photos and appearances Rihanna has made this week, it doesn’t look like she’s about to let the public forget about her any time soon. However, Rihanna is no publicity whore and has a very good reason for having such a high profile this week- and that is the Unicef concert she performed at last night with Akon. Like any good celebrity, Rihanna is using her fame (and vocal cords) to benefit those less fortunate than herself . Now, on the count of three, let’s all saw “Awwwww” (lol).
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Weekend Sightings: LeToya, Alicia & More

Beyonce Singers Alicia Keys, Beyonce and LeToya Luckett were all spotted over the weekend taking in various events and just enjoying their down time. Bey was spotted out with Jay- just having dinner. While Alicia and LeToya spent their time supporting human interest projects. First up however is Bey, who was spotted in Manhattan rocking those brass knuckle boots Rihanna wore a few months back when she appeared on 106 & Park. Bey’s version however ups the scare factor by adding spikes to the front. God help the man that gets into a confrontation with a woman wearing these boots. These things are sexy and yet scary at the same time (lol).
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Video Music Awards: Fashion Edition (Updated)

The MTV Video Music Awards are in progress as I write this post, but like many of you I could care less about who wins these statuettes, I watch to see what folks are wearing and this year’s VMA’s are as outrageous as those from years past. Lil Kim probably set the standard back on 1999 when she wore her infamous purple jumpsuit that had one boobie hanging out. I loved that outfit. I thought is was daring and let’s face it- she did look good. However, I cannot say the same for up and coming female rapper, Little Mama. Look to your right and you will see what I mean. This sista showed up in a baby outfit with a pacifier hanging from her mouth. Granted- it was a jewel encrusted pacifier (lol), but it was still gosh darn hideous.
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Mega Picture Post: Fashion Rocks Edition

Today’s Mega Picture Post will consist of images from Conde Nast’s Fashion Rocks show which went down last night in New York City. Black Female Star Power was in full effect as everyone from Tyra Banks to Mary J. Blige, who performed with Usher, came out to take part in the festivities. Fashion Rocks will air tonight on CBS so don’t forget to check out the performances, but for now, we have plenty of pics to share with you. To your right we have Mary and Usher, who left his new bride, to perform at the show. I have no idea what they sang but I am anxious to see their performance, as I am curious as to whether Usher can vocally hang with Mary.
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Mary J. Blige Is Expecting

According to, singer Mary J. Blige is pregnant and expecting her first child with husband, Kendu Isaacs, sometime early next year. So far I cannot find this story in English but below is a loosely translated version of what MTV Germany wrote on their website.

Finally it is grants also that of life heavily gebeutelten Queen of Hip Hop Soul to establish a family. Just now becomes well known, that Soul-superstar Mary J. Bige (36) its first child expects. Father is natural Kendu Isaac with which Mary happily is married for four years. According to reports have worked both already for a year at a baby… and BOOMING here you go! Congratulations!