Curly Nikki, White Women and the Need for All-Black Spaces


About two days ago, the Black webosphere was lit ablaze with controversy when popular hair blogging website, Curly Nikki, featured a white woman, Sarah, to discuss her own “hair journey.” In a tale that is becoming as old as time, once again a space that was deemed safe for Black women became infiltrated with a white presence. In a post captioned with “There’s something very freeing about accepting your natural hair” *insert eye roll here*, the blog detailed an interview with Sarah that discussed her hair journey (she didn’t bog chop, she merely started wearing her hair down. *insert second eye roll*) and love of products – just as they have their previous Black subjects.
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Beyonce Goes Short

Up until now, only Rihanna could get the world to stop and take notice whenever she changed her hairstyle. That however changed last night when Beyonce found herself the #1 trending topic on Twitter thanks to Instagram pics she posted of herself with a newly cropped do.

No word why Beyonce chose to chop it all off, but I would venture to say it’s probably for a photo shoot or something of that nature.

Can any of you picture Beyonce rocking this look on a daily basis or continuing on with her Mrs. Carter World Tour with this do?

No. Beyonce needs her wig like Diana Ross, Cher and Tina Turner. Without it, she is just too common.

Click here for another image a fan posted via Instagram of the singer with her new do.

Rihanna Poses for Glamour Magazine

Rihanna’s new short curly do will reportedly have an official unveiling on an upcoming cover of Glamour magazine. The images below were posted via Instagram and show the singer accompanied by longtime collaborator Mel Ottenberg. Mel has been the central creative force behind many of RiRi’s most controversial looks, including her most recent “Pussy” campaign.

Rihanna is often criticized for her music, her image… and especially her morals. But one thing about the pop diva that is never up for debate… is that she can take a picture. Leave it to RiRi to take that grandma hairdo we saw a few days ago and turn it into something fabulous.

Love her or hate her, she is a fabulous chick.

I look forward to this photo shoot.