Paula Patton Cast in Sparkle Remake

While speaking earlier today at the American Black Film Festival, actress Paula Patton revealed to the crowd that she has been offered a role in the Brock and Salim Akil (The Game, Girlfriends) remake of the classic 1976 film “Sparkle.”

Paula did not confirm which role she might play in the film or even if she had signed on. What she did confirm however is that producers specifically had her in mind from the beginning.

So which role might Paula play? I put my money on the part of Sista. Despite the film being named after the lead character Sparkle, it is the role of Sista that is the most memorable and clearly the most pivotal to cast.

Personally Paula never crossed my mind. I assumed they would look to cast people who were relatively young and able to pass as school age kids. Clearly the Akil’s are not going to remake “Sparkle” to the letter or else a near 40 year old Patton would not have been chosen.

Despite her age however, I like the casting of Patton and look forward to seeing who is offered the part of Stix and Sparkle.

I have $5 that says Terrence Howard will play Stix.

Alicia, Chanel & Paula Salute “The Icons”

Glamour Magazine celebrates it’s 70th Anniversary by paying tribute to 13 women they consider icons. Among those chosen were First Lady Michelle Obama, singer Billie Holiday and 1950’s tennis star, Athena Gibson.

Helping Glamour to pay tribute to these women, singer Alicia Keys, actress Paula Patton, and model Chanel Iman, all posed as their icon and shared their thoughts on the impact these women have had on their lives.

NY Fashion Week: More Fab Celebs

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More fab Brown Sistas came out for the New York Fashion Week events. Zoe + Sanaa sitting pretty in the front row, Paula Patton + her hubby Robin Thicke, Ashanti, Rosario, Tyra, Who’s Wearing What, and more…

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Brown Sistas At The Museum Of Art Fashion Gala

Brown Sistas from across the Hollywood spectrum turned out in force tonight for the start of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute Gala. This year’s event is being held to celebrate the museum’s latest exhibition: Sperheroes: Fashion and Fantasy.Singers Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Mary J. Blige walked the red carpet alongside actresses like Thandie Newton and Paula Patton and all looked fabulous.
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