Rihanna Photos Post Chris Brown Beating

Rihanna Beaten By Chris Brown The website TMZ has landed the photo we all knew was coming. To your right is the supposed polaroid the police took of Rihanna after her altercation with her boyfriend, Chris Brown. The singer’s injuries are consistent with those the website first posted about weeks ago and show Rihanna with contusions on both sides of her head, facial bruises and what looks to be a swollen and bloody bottom lip. Before I posted this image I talked it over with Fashionista101 in great detail- wondering if I should and if the image was real. After all, many fake images of the singer have spread online since this incident took place. Most of them were clear fakes, but this one doesn’t strike me as a complete fake, even though some things about this photo don’t add up to me. I think Rihanna’s eyebrows in this image don’t look like her normal well groomed eyebrows and the nose in this image looks a bit off to me as well.
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