Ciara is Foot Loose and Fancy Free

Just as I predicted when I saw Ciara’s feet all bandaged up a few weeks ago, the singer has had some sort of corrective surgery. Earlier today via Twitter, the 26-year old dance diva unveiled new pics of her little piggies- which look substantially different than they used to.

Here’s what the singer said about her new tootsies via her Twitter page.

Free at last!! Now its one step at a time literally! I dance like a ol Granny with a lil 2step:).

I am happy that Ciara had the surgery if she felt it medically necessary. However, if she did it because of the teasing she took from idiots on Twitter, then that is too bad. Sometimes Twitter is just not the move and celebs need to learn how to tune people out.

Ciara Dines At The Ivy

Presently recording a new album to be released in 2010, Ciara has not been making many public appearances as of late. However the singer did come out of hiding right quick to grab a bit of lunch at the Ivy in Los Angeles, California. According to The Dream and Tricky Stewart, who are working with Ciara on her new album, the singer will be returning to the sound that made her famous, recording tunes reminiscent of Goodies and Promise.

Sounds good…

Ciara Having Lunch At The Ivy01Ciara Having Lunch At The Ivy02Ciara Having Lunch At The Ivy03Ciara Having Lunch At The Ivy04Ciara Having Lunch At The Ivy05

Rihanna Shoots New Video

Rihanna was spotted in New York City on Friday afternoon shooting her new video. The title of her new single is still unknown. However, her release date is still set for November 23rd. There were rumors of Def Jam delaying the album, as November 23rd will also see new releases from Lady Gaga (The Fame Monster), 50 Cent (Before I Self Destruct), Timbaland (Shock Value 2), and quite a few others. In other words… Rihanna has some stiff competition for the #1 spot on that week’s album chart.

FYI: says Rihanna’s new album will be a double disc set.

Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City001Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City002Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City003Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City004Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City005Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City006Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City007Rihanna Shooting Her New Video In New York City008Rihanna On The Set Of Her New Video001Rihanna On The Set Of Her New Video002Rihanna On The Set Of Her New Video003