Keke Wyatt Ain’t No Soul Sista

KEKE WYATT Singer Keke Wyatt, best known for taking a knife to her husband’s throat, is back with a new album entitled Ghetto Rose and two new interviews guaranteed to get tongues wagging. AHHA first interviewed Keke who took a swipe at not only Beyonce’s vocals skills but looks as well. Keke laments If you notice, I’m yellow. My natural hair is the color she dyes her hair. I have the little waist with the big booty. It’s all the same thing but I sing better, so it was their loss. Say I don’t sing better than Beyonce? Not content with making ridiculous comments to just AHHA, Keke then took her act on the road and decided to share her brainless ideas on race, skin color and the N word with Essence Magazine writer, Kenya Byrd. You can read both the Essence and AHHA articles on the next page, but I cannot and will not be held responsible for any brain cells you might lose during the course of reading them.
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Your Daily Dose Of Beyonce

The Beyonce Experience tour has been getting great reviews despite numerous reports that the concert halls are usually only half full. I remember hearing about Mariah Carey having the same problem with her last tour but am shocked to hear of Bey having such issues at this stage in her career. Performers such as Beyonce, Janet and Ciara tend to do very well on tour because they are known for their powerhouse performances which fans generally want to see live. Such is not the case with Beyonce which is why she is rumored to be extending her tour both here and overseas.
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Melanie Brown’s Husband Troubles

Now that Melanie Brown has married Stephen Belafonte, the media’s focus seems to have shifted from Eddie Murphy, to Melanie’s new hubby, who seems to have a very jaded past. According to news reports, Stephen lists his last name on their marriage certificate as Belafonte when in actuality it is Stansbury. There are also reports that he tried to pass himself off as Dionne Warwick’s nephew and Harry Belafonte’s son. The most troubling news however is how many times Stephen has been arrested for violent crimes, all against past girlfriends.
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Kelly Rowland’s Skin Problems

Kelly Rowland Nope, we are not talking about skin acne but rather skin color. Kelly tells Essence magazine that while growing up she was very self conscious about her skin color until Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s Mama, told her how beautiful she was. Kelly laments the problems of being a brown sista and the theory that too dark women cannot sell magazines or music. I agree that there has always been a rule for magazines not to put brown women on their covers for fear they wouldn’t sell, but that wasn’t the case with music, until recently. Remember the 80’s produced Janet Jackson, Anita Baker, Stephanie Mills and Whitney Houston.
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Rumor: Hot Ghetto Mess To Be Cancelled

BET’s television spin off of the website Hot Ghetto Mess is apparently being cancelled, do no doubt to the grassroots efforts of sites like What About Our Daughters and The Mo Kelly Report. Right now there is no official word from BET that the show has indeed been cancelled, but several reputable websites are reporting it to be true. Now up to this point I had chosen not to so much as mention the name Hot Ghetto Mess or We’ve Got To Do Better on this site because I did not want to support the show no matter what name they gave it. However, now that the show is apparently no longer going to be aired, I can get down to blaming the real culprits who helped bring Hot Ghetto Mess to the American airwaves- and that is Black people themselves.
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Melanie Brown Talks To Essence…

… and is sure to set tongues a wagging with what she had to say about Eddie Murphy’s lifestyle. Speaking for the first time to an American publication, Malanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, gives Essence magazine the scoop on her relationship with Eddie and why she truly believes he so unexpectedly called their relationship off. Melanie tells Essence writer Kenya Byrd that upon agreeing to buy a home together she discovered Eddie led a lifestyle that wasn’t fit for children. Though not going into much detail, she claims having strange people knocking on her door at three and four in the morning was not something she wanted to bring her children into.
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Eve Relaunches Fetish

Eve Raptress Eve is relaunching her Fetish clothing line which first debuted back in 2003 but was quickly dropped due to problems with the partnering company, INNOVI GROUP. Eve admits to not liking the original line which she says had too many studs and rhinestones and was simply too brand based. Eve says the relaunch will reflect more of her personal style which is grown up, sexy and classy. Also on board is the new partnering company of Signature Apparel. The end result is a new contemporary sportswear line that includes high waisted jeans (yikes), leather jackets, and logo shirts. Expect the newly revamped Fetish to hit stores near you this fall.