Regina King to Make Cinderella Inspired Hip-Hop Opera


Regina King and Dana Dane Team Up for Cinderfella Film

Emmy-winning actress and director Regina King is teaming up with legendary rapper Dana Dane to turn his 1987 hit Cinderfella into a modern-day hip-hop opera. For those of you unfamiliar with the rap classic, Cinderfella tells the story of a guy from Brooklyn who’s treated badly by his two step-brothers. In swoops his fairy godfather, Hurb, who eventually saves the day just in time for the big house party. But instead of glass slippers, Hurb treats Cinderfella to a fresh pair of sneakers.
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Trailer: Regina King in HBO’s The Leftovers

HBO’s hit drama The Leftovers is back for a second season and will be adding Emmy winner Regina King to their cast.

King, along with Jasmin Savoy, Kevin Carroll and Jovan Adepto will play the Murphys, one of only a handful of families who survived a cataclysmic event that wiped over 140 million people off the face of the planet.
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Regina King Joins The Cast Of 24

Actress Regina King will join the cast of Fox’s “24” this fall, and D.B. Woodside, who plays the brother of the assassinated President David Palmer, will star as a series regular – the newly elected president. King will come on board as the Palmer sister, Angela, a high-powered attorney. The sixth season of “24” starts in January.

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