Rihanna Gets A Release Date

According to Play.com, Rihanna is scheduled to release her 4th full featured studio album on November 23rd. The as yet untitled venture is said to be edgier and angrier, with the first single on par to drop any day now. Ne-Yo, who produced Rihanna’s hit single “Take A Bow”, spilled the beans recently during an interview and said Rihanna “will say things on this album you have never heard her say before.” And while Ne-Yo may be taking the singer down the edgier angrier road, Akon, who is also collaboratinging with the Pop beauty, says he plans to lighten things up a bit- “I don’t want an angry Rihanna” he said.

Billboard.com also has an update on the singer’s lyrical ménage à trois with rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West. According to the musical daily the trios single “Run This Town” has climbed to #2 on the World Singles Chart.

Gallery Update: Rihanna spotted leaving the 40/40 Club over the weekend.