Keke Palmer Attends the 2015 EW Fest

Keke Palmer Attends the 2015 EW Fest with Scream Queens Cast Mates

Keke Palmer Attends the 2015 EW FestSinger-actress Keke Palmer attended Entertainment Weekly’s first ever EW Fest over the weekend at the Industria Superstudio in New York City.

Keke and her fellow Scream Queens cast mates, Emma Roberts and Lea Michele, were joined on stage during a Q&A session by the show’s producer Ryan Murphy.

If you’ve been watching Scream Queens, then you know Keke plays Zayday Williams, a feisty, take no-shit sorority chick, described by Palmer as part Beyonce, part Michelle Obama.
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My Mini Review of Scream Queens

REVIEW OF SCREAM QUEENSAfter being granted an advance preview of the new Fox horror fest Scream Queens, I have decided to write a mini-review for Brown Sista, despite the show not being something I would ordinarily watch… ever.

Starring Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande and Keke Palmer, Scream Queens is unabashedly aiming for the advertiser coveted teen demographic. The show is essentially Mean Girls meets Friday the 13th.
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Keke Palmer’s Scream Queens Character Profile: Zayday Bubblegum

Promo Shots: Keke Palmer for “Scream Queens”

KEKE PALMER SCREAM QUEENS-0Fox has unveiled the new character posters for their upcoming fall horror fest Scream Queens, which co-stars former True Jackson, VP star Keke Palmer.

The show is set to premiere with a two hour special this fall on September 22, and centers around a creepy sorority house and a string of unsolved murders.

Keke plays Zayday Bubblegum, who describes her character as a cross between Michelle Obama and Beyonce.
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