Sleepy Hollow Gets the Axe + Nicole Beharie Unbothered


Fox Cancels Sleepy Hollow

While Fox was busy canceling the longstanding catastrophe known as Sleepy Hollow, its former leading lady, actress Nicole Beharie, was spotted out shaking her groove thang at Naturi Naughton’s baby shower. As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Fox finally took out the trash, canceling the sci-fi drama just one season after it unceremoniously killed off the national treasure we all know as Grace Abigail Mills.
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Nicole Beharie Says ‘Creative Tension’ Led to Her Sleepy Hollow Departure


Nicole Beharies Attends ‘Brave Summit’ Panel at Georgetown University

While attending yesterday’s Brave Summit: Women in Media panel at Georgetown University, Sleepy Hollow actress, Nicole Beharie, reportedly gave attendees a glimpse into what led to her character being killed off during the show’s shocking season three finale. According to journalist Phyllis A. Gilchrist, Nicole cited “creative tension” as the reason behind her no longer appearing on the show. However, whether she chose to leave Sleepy Hollow or was fired, remains unknown.
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Abbie and Jenny to Meet Their Father + Last Night’s Sleepy Hollow Ratings


Sleepy Hollow’s Ratings Remain Steady

While I haven’t seen next week’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, something tells me I will probably enjoy it as much as I enjoyed last night’s episode. Via newly released photos from Fox, Abbie and Jenny are finally reunited with their father, Ezra Mills. This is something fans have been asking for since season one, so it’s nice to see the writers have finally listened and brought him on board.
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Sleepy Hollow Finally Gives Fans What They’ve Been Asking For


It’s Time for Sleepy Hollow Fans to Come Back

If you guys have been following me on Twitter, then you know that I am loving this week’s upcoming episode of Sleepy Hollow. As you’ve already no doubt heard, the episode is titled Kindred Spirits and features the return of season two monster-of-the-week, The Kindred. He’s been summoned by Pandora and her husband, and he’s none too pleased. Fans who wondered what happened to him and what he’s been up to, won’t be disappointed in his return, though for me, his re-emergence was hardly the highlight of the episode.
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Sleepy Hollow Rises in its New Time Slot


Sleepy Hollow Finds its Sweet Spot on Friday Nights

While reviews for last night’s winter premiere of Sleepy Hollow vary wildly, one thing not in dispute is the love fans still have for the show. Not many, but maybe enough to secure it a season four renewal. According to overnight ratings, Sleepy returned with a 0.9 demo and 3.1 million viewers. It was the show’s first airing in its new Friday night 8 pm time slot. It was widely believed the show would fail on Friday nights, however, I always believed less competition could be a good thing for the struggling drama.
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Could “Minority Report” Return for a Second Season?

Minority Report Might Get a Second Season After All

Minority Report Might Get a Second SeasonWhile Fox has not officially announced the cancellation of it’s freshman sci-fi drama Minority Report, fans and critics alike assumed the show would not be returning for a second season when it’s episode order was cut from thirteen to ten.

The show’s season finale aired on November 30 and appeared to wrap things up quite nicely, while still leaving the door open for a potential return. Fans of the show have since been waging an online campaign to secure the show a second season, which Fox might just be considering.
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Cutest Thing Ever: Nicole Beharie Dancing

Nicole Beharie Dancing to Missy Elliott’s “WTF”

NICOLE BEHARIE DANCINGWhile Sleepy Hollow and I are not on speaking terms these days, my love for its leading lady, actress Nicole Beharie, is as strong as ever. And while I did not watch last night’s episode, I did follow along on Twitter, which was where I peeped this super-awesome video Nicole decided to share with her fans.
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