Miss Kelly Heads Back to the Studio


Singer Kelly Rowland is reportedly planning to re-release her latest album ‘Talk a Good Game.’

Singer/songwriter Lonny Bereal worked closely with Kelly on ‘Talk a Good Game’ and recently told Kempire Radio the R&B beauty was back in the studio working on new music.

“I vocal produced over half of the [Talk a Good Game] project and we wrote two songs that may be on the re-release that I wrote with Kelly and Jado. She’s back in the studio, even today, back in the studio creating new music.”

Despite pretty good reviews from fans and critics, many feel ‘Talk a Good Game’ has underperformed since its global release back on June 14th.

Rumors abound that Kelly will use her stint on ‘X-Factor’ to promote the album, as well as a second tour to kick off later this year.

Whatever the case, I am still bumping to ‘Freak’ and unconcerned with whether others have caught on to the hotness that is Kelly’s music.

‘Talk a Good Game’ Makes Top 5 Debut


Kelly Rowland’s ‘Talk a Good Game’ album has sold 65,913 copies in its first full week of release, a number good enough to secure the singer the number four spot on this week’s Billboard 200.

Kelly came in right behind Mac Miller’s ‘Watching Movies with the Sound’ (101,795), J. Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ (297,922) and Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ (328,800).

Though warmly received by fans and critics alike, ‘Talk a Good Game’ is actually Kelly’s lowest debut album to date. 2002’s ‘Simply Deep’ moved 77,000 copies in its first week- as did 2011’s ‘Here I Am.’ To date Kelly’s highest debut has been 2007’s ‘Ms Kelly’ album, which debuted with first week sales of just over 86,000.

Sales aside, ‘Talk a Good Game’ is Kelly’s most honest album to date and one you should all pick up if you haven’t already.

Kelly Rowland Signs Copies of ‘Talk a Good Game’

Kelly Rowland Signs Copies Of The New Album "Talk A Good Game"

Singer Kelly Rowland was all smiles last night as she signed copies of her ‘Talk a Good Game’ album at the Best Buy store in Union Square.

About 2,000 fans reportedly lined up in the rain to meet the singer, who reportedly also performed a few tracks from the album.

Kelly keeps the promo going, appearing on Good Morning America later on today, where she will also premiere the video for her new single ‘Dirty Laundry.’

Kelly’s ‘Talk a Good Game’ officially went on sale yesterday and is the 4th best-selling album on iTunes. Early estimates have the CD selling between 100-120k 60-65k in its first week.

Miss Kelly Remixes Dirty Laundry


With the release of her ‘Talk a Good Game’ album just two days away, singer Kelly Rowland has released a remix of her emotional new single ‘Dirty Laundry.’

R. Kelly, who previously remixed Kelly’s 2011 single ‘Motivation,’ joins Kelly on this remix as well, bringing his own special brand of Chicago charm.

Give the remix a listen below and let us know what you think.

And in another bit of Kelly news, the singer’s ‘Talk a Good Game’ album sprung a leak on Friday. After being released overseas, it was quickly uploaded online and made available to all for free of charge.

If there is an upside to the leak, it’s the universal praise of the project has received from fans and critics alike.

I listened to it on YouTube and loved it. Standout tracks include ‘Freak,’ ‘Gone,’ ‘Red Wine’ and ‘This is Love.’

Miss Kelly’s Lame OMG! Interview


If there is one downside to Kelly Rowland’s latest single ‘Dirty Laundry,’ it is that it has given the press even more incentive to ask Kelly about Beyonce than ever before.

Such is the case with the interview Kelly gave to Kevin Frazier and Yahoo’s OMG! Insider.

Kevin grilled Kelly about ‘Dirty Laundry’ and asked question after question about Beyonce. Now to be fair, Kevin does say more about Kelly and her many endeavors will follow in another video, but how sad is it that so many years into her own solo career, the media still feels the need to make Kelly just another source for Beyonce information.

Yes ‘Dirty Laundry’ mentions Beyonce, but the song doesn’t revolve around her and neither should Kelly’s interviews.

Miss Kelly Unveils New Promo Pic


Singer Kelly Rowland is giving off all sorts of Donna Summer vibes in the latest promo shot from her upcoming ‘Talk a Good Game’ album, due out June 18th.

Kelly, who stopped by 106 & Park today to promote her ‘Lights Out Tour’ with The Dream, gifted her fans with the new image via her Instagram account, saying “This is for all my devoted Rowland Stones.”

Miss Kelly has officially kicked off promo for ‘Talk a Good Game’ and recently told Billboard she plans to shoot a video for her emotional new single ‘Dirty Laundry.’ Kelly also revealed the upcoming video shoot for ‘Without Me,’ her duet with fellow R&B singer Fantasia and rapper Missy Elliott.