Teairra Mari Returns to Her Musical Roots


Teairra Mari Previews ‘Bad’ Single

After a stint on reality television… and most recently rehab, it appears singer Teairra Mari is finally ready to return to her musical roots. The one-time Jay-Z protégé and Princess of ROC Nation recently used her Instagram page to preview her upcoming single Bad, the first for the embattled young diva in almost four years.
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Teairra Mari Releases New Music


Singer Teairra Mari is back with new music. The former Princess of ROC turned reality TV star released her single “Deserve” shortly after the season finale of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.”

Teairra is hoping “Love & Hip Hop” can do for her what it did for fellow reality diva K. Michelle, who saw her career hit its peaks while appearing on the Atlanta version of the show.
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Teairra Mari Lands New Movie Role


With her musical career somewhat stagnant at the moment, former ROC Princess Tearri Mari has decided to expand her portfolio by dabbling in the world of acting.

Teairra, alongside Denyce Lawton and Cyphonique Miller, will star in the UP original drama The Dempsey Sisters.

The film follows the usual narrative: three women looking to break in the business while overcoming personal and professional turmoil.
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What is Teairra Mari Doing?

Last night singer Teairra Mari made her debut on the second season of VH1’S hit reality series ‘Love & Hip-Hop.’ Like fellow co-star, Olivia, Teairra had a modest hit some years ago and is now struggling to find her way back to the top of the charts.

While watching Teairra several things crossed my mind. 1. She is so pretty. 2. If she thinks appearing on a reality show acting trashy and using the word bitch in every other sentence is going to get her back on the Billboard charts, she needs to think again.

As much as I love Teairra’s voice (the girl can sang) and respect her commitment to her craft, I can’t help but pity her and her decision to appear on this show as a way to up her public profile.

Truly, it’s not so much her appearing on the show as it was the way she projected herself. Teairra came off as a finger snapping, neck rolling, eye popping, busy body that couldn’t get a complete sentence out of her mouth without using the words bitch and hoe.

Because the “real” in reality shows is not always what it seems, I can’t say whether Teairra was playing a role or truly giving us a glimpse into who she really is as a person. What I can say with certainty however, is that image is everything and Teairra is doing herself no favors by appearing on this show.

Teairra need only look at Olivia to see that appearing on ghetto laced reality shows will not get you far. Sure, you may get a couple gigs hosting events at inner-city clubs and promoting overpriced vodkas, but what it won’t get you is a ticket back to the big time.

Teirra Gets Delayed

Teairra Mari’s new album “At That Point” is not about to be released anytime soon. The singer announced today via Twitter that her long awaited second solo CD would indeed be pushed back from it’s original pushback date to it’s newest pushback date of October 20th. As previously reported, Teairra’s new label, Fa Reel Entertainment and Warner Brothers, had previously changed the singer’s release date from April 7th, to “sometime this summer”, hoping it would give Teairra single “Hunt 4 U” time to pick up steam. That did not happen so it appears another pushback and more than likely, another song, will be released before the album is finally released.

In the meantime, while you anxiously await Teairra’s new release, check out a few outtakes from her Rolling Out Magazine shoot a fan just sent me.

Teairra MariTeairra Mari

Sista Sighting: Teairra & “Candy Girl” Danielle

Teairra Mari

R n’ B chanteuse Teairra Mari was spotted earlier this week doing some shopping with Danielle Crawley- one of the contestants on E!’s “Candy Girls”. The duo stopped by Victoria Secret and were later seen picking up a cold treat at Pinkberry.

Teairra Mari “Cause A Scene” Video Shoot

Teairra Mari & Flo Rida R n’ B songstress, Teairra Mari, recently filmed the video for her next single, “Cause A Scene“, at the Rain Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada. The single features rapper Flo Rida and Teairra’s record label, For Reel/Warner Bros., are banking on the track to raise interest in the singer’s upcoming sophomore album, At That Point. As previously reported, ATP has been delayed until the summer so as to give the singer an opportunity to go back into the studio and tweak it a bit. Producers, Danja, Ne-yo, and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins are all expected to provide tracks for the cd.
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Teairra Mari’s New Album Gets Pushed Back

Teairra Mari Fo’ Reel Entertainment has decided to push back Teairra Mari’s sophomore album, At That Point, from it’s original release date of April 7th, to sometime in the early summer. The decision to delay the album came after Fo Reel and Warner Bros. Records joined forces to get behind the album. This will be Teairra’s first CD since being dropped from Def Jam back in 2005 and it appears both labels think the singer has what it takes to make it, if they can get the right songs together for the project. Therefore, the singer has gone back into the studio and is expected to drop a second single within the coming weeks, as Hunt 4 U has not performed the way either label expected it to.
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