Melanie Brown Talks To Essence…

… and is sure to set tongues a wagging with what she had to say about Eddie Murphy’s lifestyle. Speaking for the first time to an American publication, Malanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, gives Essence magazine the scoop on her relationship with Eddie and why she truly believes he so unexpectedly called their relationship off. Melanie tells Essence writer Kenya Byrd that upon agreeing to buy a home together she discovered Eddie led a lifestyle that wasn’t fit for children. Though not going into much detail, she claims having strange people knocking on her door at three and four in the morning was not something she wanted to bring her children into.
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New Site Design

After many weeks of testing potential new designs for this site I have decided to go with the theme you are all looking at now. I originally used this theme some years ago on my personal blog and after many hours of tweaking I was finally able to get it up and running properly on this site. I would really like to hear what everyone thinks of it and most of all if you are experiencing any problems. The look of a design can vary greatly from one browser to another, so what I see using Firefox and IF 7 may not be what you see using Opera or IE. Please note that the site is still a work in progress and little things like the missing smilies will be added back shortly.
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Melanie Brown Gives Birth

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown has given birth to a daughter in California, her publicist said Tuesday. The baby, who weighs 5 pounds, 4 ounces, was born just after midnight Tuesday at St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica, said Nadine Bibi in an e-mail to the press. “Baby is completely healthy with a good head of hair. Mother and baby are now resting,” the statement said. “No name has been decided on as yet, and she is purely known as Baby Brown!” As you all know, Melanie has said Eddie Murphy is the father. Continue Reading

Vivica Fox Arrested For DUI

Actress Vivica Fox was reportedly arrested last night under the suspision of driving while drunk.After being pulled over by a CHP for exceeding the speed limit, Vivica was given a field sobriety test. She failed the test and was then taken to the Van Nuys Jail.Vivica was once again given two breathalyzer tests which she is believed to have failed also.Vivica did not have to spend the night in a cell though as she was cited by police and released on her own recognizance to the custody of her assistant.She will have to appear in court at a later date, to be determined by the City Attorney’s office within 45 days if they decide to proceed with charging her.
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Spaced Out Sista

Stephanie Wilson The space shuttle Discovery is back at the launching pad for NASA’s second orbiter mission since the 2003 Columbia accident that killed the seven astronauts aboard.

This time, Stephanie Wilson, the second African woman to join the crew of a space shuttle, will be one of the seven astronauts aboard NASA’s STS-121 when it takes off from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., on July 4th.
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