Ashanti Has Finally Snapped !

Asahnti Mug Shot Oh my gosh- what is going on here? Nope, it’s not what you might think. Ashanti hasn’t gone and pulled a Lil Kim or Foxy Brown or Eve or Vivica- ok you get the point (lol). No, this sista has only gone loco on camera and the faux mug shot to your right is a newly released image from the new/remix version of Ashanti’s single “The Way That I Love You”. Word has it the first version was not the “official” but rather just a leaked version to peak interest in the song. Whatever the case, Ashanti tells MTV that her inspiration for this new video was the show “Snapped” which comes on the Oxygen Network. Snapped is about abused women who- you guessed it- SNAP and take matters into their own hands. Expect the new version of the “The Way That I Love You” to debut tomorrow and you have to give it to Ashanti and her camp- they know how to peak the interest off fans and non fans alike. Can’t wait to see this…

Ashanti “The Way That I Love You” Video

Here is the new video for Ashanti’s first single, “The Way That I Love You”. The video in my opinion is just awesome. The concept is captivating and immediately grabs you, just as the video for “Rain On Me” did so many years ago. Check it out below and good luck to Ashanti. This is without a doubt one of the better videos I have seen by a female R n’ B artist in quite some time.
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