Blast From The Past: Tina Turner & David Bowie

With the announcement that singer Tina Turner would soon be going out on tour after a seven year hiatus, I thought now would be a good time to whip out a clip of my favorite Tina performance of all time. I can’t be sure, but I think the year was 1985 and it was the Private Dancer Tour. Tina was on stage singing one of my favorite songs, “Tonight”, when she was joined by fellow rock star, David Bowie. The chemistry between these two artists is what makes this performance so great and the reason why it has become a classic amongst Tina fans like myself.
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A Fan’s Review Of Whitney’s Comeback Performance

Whitney As reported here last week, singer Whitney Houston made her long awaited return to the stage at yesterday’s Live & Loud Music Festival in Malaysia. Before I went to bed last night at least one review had been posted online by a fan who said they were at the concert. By the time I woke up this morning and checked my email- there were several and none of them were very flattering. Honestly, I never expected Whitney to be her old self vocally and that is why I believe she launched her comeback overseas rather than here in America. However, I didn’t expect the reviews of her voice to be so sad either. According to Mr Manager’s Blog the Whitney of old is gone.
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WDIGM Is The #1 Movie In America

tyler-film-1a.jpg Janet Jackson, Tasha Smith, Jill Scott and Sharon Leal have a lot of celebrating to do tonight as their movie, Why Did I Get Married, has officially been certified the #1 movie in America. Apparently no one thought Tyler Perry and his ensemble cast of d-list (yeah someone actually said that) actors could take the #1 spot, especially when going up against a new film starring Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix. They obviously underestimated the power of the Black female dollar and Tyler Perry in general. Not only do sistas generally turn out to support one another but we drag our boyfriends and husbands along with us. It should also be noted that three of Tyler Perry’s four films have all opened at #1. So why does America keep underestimating this man and us? Who cares really. We came, we supported, we took the top spot. Btw, I saw the film earlier today and loved it. Did any of you guys see it and if so what did you think?

Weekend Sightings: LeToya, Alicia & More

Beyonce Singers Alicia Keys, Beyonce and LeToya Luckett were all spotted over the weekend taking in various events and just enjoying their down time. Bey was spotted out with Jay- just having dinner. While Alicia and LeToya spent their time supporting human interest projects. First up however is Bey, who was spotted in Manhattan rocking those brass knuckle boots Rihanna wore a few months back when she appeared on 106 & Park. Bey’s version however ups the scare factor by adding spikes to the front. God help the man that gets into a confrontation with a woman wearing these boots. These things are sexy and yet scary at the same time (lol).
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Mega Picture Post: Fashion Rocks Edition

Today’s Mega Picture Post will consist of images from Conde Nast’s Fashion Rocks show which went down last night in New York City. Black Female Star Power was in full effect as everyone from Tyra Banks to Mary J. Blige, who performed with Usher, came out to take part in the festivities. Fashion Rocks will air tonight on CBS so don’t forget to check out the performances, but for now, we have plenty of pics to share with you. To your right we have Mary and Usher, who left his new bride, to perform at the show. I have no idea what they sang but I am anxious to see their performance, as I am curious as to whether Usher can vocally hang with Mary.
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Eve’s Promotion In Full Swing

Eve is really working hard to promote her new CD, Here I Am, which hits record store shelves on Tuesday, August 28th. Besides performing on Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series, the sista also spent the weekend hitting up all the latest parties in an attempt to keep her name and face out there. Eve’s first week sales in my opinion will speak volumes about not only her future in rap, but the future in general of women in rap music. No female rapper to my knowledge has had a hit album in the past five years- maybe more and at present time there is no female rapper out there that has the potential to rival the men in sales. Lil Kim’s career is pretty much on hold and the same can be said for Foxy Brown whose future seems filled with baby bottles rather than concert stages. That leaves Trina and Remy Ma and neither of them in my opinion has what it takes to keep the legacy of women alive in hip hop.
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Melanie Brown’s Secret Wedding

Spice Girl singer Melanie Brown is a married woman and has been for two months now according to Melanie’s own rep, Arnold Robinson. Melanie apparently wed her producer boyfriend, Stephen Belafonte, in a quickie Las Vegas ceremony held on June 6th and kept the nuptials quiet to- well she hasn’t said why she kept her marriage a secret and probably won’t any time soon as she has also cancelled her scheduled appearance on The Larry King Show, which was due to air tonight.
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