Jill Scott Set to Join ‘The Voice’


Thanks to the addition of Jill Scott, when “The Voice” returns to the air on February 24th, it will do so with a much needed injection of soul.

According to published reports, Jilly from Philly will be Team Usher, joining the R&B crooner to help groom tomorrow’s generation of singers.

In an interview with ExtraTV, Usher said he personally asked Jill to join the show as a guest judge, saying her skills as a singer, songwriter, musician and actress, make her his “secret weapon” for the upcoming season.
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Sex, Drugs & Alcohol

Next week as the season finale of K-Ci & JoJo…Come Clean airs, it leaves me with one thought—sex, drugs and alcohol has really damaged (or to be frank, effed up) our community.

I have met many greats and icons that have found themselves at the pit of their celebrity existence.  They’re damn near broke, beat up and barely able to perform their hits let alone stand still for a two-minute interview. All resulting from bad choices and an inability to control their addictions.  Like Rick James said, “cocaine is a hell of a drug.”

But it’s bigger than cocaine.  Tiger Woods’ sex addiction cost him his marriage, endorsements and squeaky-clean image.  K-Ci & JoJo have stated that their addiction to alcohol began at age 13 after a lot peer pressure and has haunted them their entire lives.   Addiction is not a joking matter.

And celebrities are no exception.  We all know or have family or friends who have dipped so deep into an addiction that they never returned the way they left or even worse, at all.

It has cost us, our community, our people a lot.   A lot of families have been destroyed, a lot of great people have succumb to its power and lost everything.  Ultimately, we as a people lose.

What have we done?  Nothing.

If we were doing something, newcomers like Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em wouldn’t be found dead next to an accusation of cocaine use.  ‘Cuz ain’t nothing cool about that.  And maybe Usher wouldn’t parade around singing how he needs two or three freaks.  At the end of the day, the risks outweigh the thrill.  When will that mean something?

I’m a product of a family, community, environment destroyed by all types of addictions.  I’m also a product of tuning out my surroundings and dreaming of a world where I ‘kicked it’ with the greats and icons because their life was nothing like mine.  Imagine as an adult meeting everyone that you grew up admiring, only to learn that they were just as bad as the family, community and environment that you left back home.  It’s very disappointing but real.

We need to find a way to fix the broken people who create broken homes and broken communities.  In 2010, there is no reason why much of our communities still have zombies walking around.  In 2010, there is no reason why celebrities are still flaunting addictions like a Gucci bag.

In knowing how much damage has been done and how much damage we can’t undo, I respect K-Ci & JoJo for coming clean  because the ground work starts with them but has to spill over into our people.  If not, we’ll never learn and we’ll always find ourselves pointing fingers at the newest addict.  Maybe the world can’t exist without peer pressure but maybe we can start pressuring people to be better, do better and live better.  I dare you to be the first.

-Ashley Charisma is the author of School of Black Love. For more info on Ashley Charisma and the novel visit www.ashleycharisma.com.

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Tameka Foster Gives Birth

Usher & Tameka While standing in my neighborhood bodega waiting for my western omelette with cheese and listening to the radio, I heard Ed Lover and his morning crew on New York’s Power 105.1, announce that Tameka Foster had given birth last night. As you all know Tameka was with child when she and Usher married back in August and later on they announced that they would be having a boy. Congratulations to the happy new parents!

Usher & Tameka Cover Essence Magazine

Usher & Tameka Usher and his new bride, Tameka Foster, will grace the November 2007 issue of Essence magazine and behind the scenes footage from their photo shoot has hit the net- and it does not show Tameka in a very good light. Tameka is shown having a diva attitude, demanding the room be cleared of everyone but the photographer and complaining about her wardrobe. There have always been rumors that Tameka is not the nicest person in the world and this clip will not do much to change the public’s image of her. Was Tameka simply pregnant and emotional, or was she showing the side of her we have all heard about but not seen until now? I’ll let you all be the judge.
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Tameka & Usher Are Married

It’s official- Tameka Foster and Usher Raymond are now man and wife. According to the Chicago-Sun Times, Usher married Tameka, his stylist and soon to be mother of his child, at his lawyer’s office with plans for a formal ceremony to be announced at a later date. We here at Brown Sista salute the happy couple, especially Tameka who endured months of brutal character assassination by the media and even her own family members. But love prevailed and Tameka ultimately got to walk away with what she wanted all along- her man.

Tameka Foster On Why Her Wedding Was Cancelled

With rumors swirling that her marriage and pregnancy were both poorly staged publicity stunts, Tameka Foster has stepped forward to talk to People magazine and set the record straight as to why her nuptials to Usher Raymond were cancelled just hours before they were due to walk down the aisle.

“No one knows why we canceled the wedding, but I can tell you that all of the reasons that everyone is speculating and writing about are completely untrue,” Foster told PEOPLE Monday, but she declined to reveal more about why the nuptials were called off.
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Ciara, Tracee, Garcelle & More

Today’s random celebrity sightings post consists of some of my favorite brown sistas. From Janet Jackson to Melyssa Ford, we have Black Women from all walks of Hollywood life covered. First up however is Keyshia Cole who held her album release party last night. Keyshia is sporting a new shorter do that I really like and it reminds me quite a bit of Rihanna’s new shorter style. Hopefully both these ladies will usher in a less in more look for celebrity sistas when it come to their hair.
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Tameka Foster: Essence Interview

Tameka Foster, better known to world as Usher’s fiancé, sat down to talk to Essence Magazine about the innuendo, speculation and out right un truths that are often printed about her and her relationship with the much younger singer. Tameka pulls no punches and answers questions openly about her former husband, where her children are and if she really was the cause of Usher firing his mother as his manager. Click over to the next page to read the first part of the interview and do check back tomorrow for part two.
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