Friday’s Picture Roundup 6-15-07

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You guys know how we do things around here. Every Friday we post a small collection of photos that crossed our desk earlier in the week but for one reason or another were not featured in any articles. This week we will start things off a little differently by taking a trip down memory lane. I’m sure you all recognize the beautiful couple in the pics below. It is none other than Usher and his then girlfriend, Rozanda Chili Thomas. They were such a cute couple and call me crazy- but doesn’t Usher’s new fiancé look like an older version of Chili?
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Janet Jackson Performs In Paradise

The Bahamas is definitely the place to be this weekend as hordes of celebrities have converged on the islands to celebrate the grand opening of the Atlantis Phase III luxury resort. Stevie Wonder celebrated his birthday there while designer Kaimilla also used the occasion to show off her 2007 fashion line. However, the biggest event to take place so far was Janet Jackson’s mini concert Friday evening. Janet performed a medley of her hits and proved that she still has what it takes to pull in a big name crowd as Babyface, Ashanti, Usher and Tyra Banks were just a few of the celebs who attended her show.
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