I’m Team Robin Givens

Who do you think should take over the role of Valerie ‘Val’ Stokes on VH1’s hit series ‘Singles Ladies?’

Though many names have been thrown around, only one actress in my book can single handedly pull off the role AND add a new dynamic to the character’s somewhat lackluster personality.

And though the actress I have in mind may not seem like the most obvious choice, I think if you are familiar enough with her work, then you know she can easily pull off the role of Val, AND add an extra bit of spice that I believe the character needs.

So who am I talking about, you ask? Well, the one and only Robin Givens, of course.

Robin has long been one of Hollywood’s most underrated black actresses. Despite that, however, she has still managed to show amazing depth in the roles she has taken on, and at a healthy 46-years of age, she still has a killer face and body to match.

I can totally see Robin in this role and hope that whoever casts the role of Val, looks outside the typical names that are being thrown around at the moment.