VV Brown Debuts ‘Children’ Video

British export VV Brown has just unveiled the video for ‘Children,’ the first single from her sophomore album ‘Lollipos & Politics,’ due out February 12th.

According to VV, ‘Children’ isn’t just a catchy tune, it’s a call to action for young people around the around.

“I want people to listen to my music and be empowered” the 28-year old beauty recently said in an interview. “Yes the music is pop” she [VV] continued, “but it has a message and leaves you feeling inspired.”

VV Brown Returns

Remember British singer VV Brown? No? Well, you aren’t the only one.

After making a minor splash in her homeland, the 27-year old singer attempted to crossover to the United States, but had very little success.

Like a lot of black female talent- VV had the voice. What she didn’t have was a label or community willing to embrace her eclectic sound.

Undeterred, VV returns this week with her new single ‘Children,’ which was released to iTunes yesterday.

According to VV, ‘Children’ is about “a generation that has uninspiring aspirations and believes material wealth is what happiness is.”

Check the tune out below and let us know what you think.