Poll: Was Kanye West Drunk?

Was Kanye West drunk at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards? That’s what some are saying as a way to explain the rapper’s behavior this evening. As many of you already know, Kanye jumped on stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and complained of Beyonce not winning the award instead. Some seem to think this is out of character for Kanye, however, I am almost sure he did the same thing a few years ago when another act took home an award he thought he deserved himelf.

Still, the rapper was spotted on the red carpet this evening with a bottle of liquor in his hand. Drunk or not, rumor has it Kanye and his date, Amber Rose, were asked to leave the event after the rapper’s bad behavior.

So what do you guys think? Was Kanye West a little tipsy and acting out of character when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech, or was the rapper just being his usual obnoxious self.