New Movie Role For Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole Well if Beyonce, Fantasia and Alicia Keys can do it, who is to say Keyshia Cole can’t take her talents to the big screen as well? is reporting that Keyshia and rapper Fabolous are due to star in the Karl Lagerfeld produced hip hop drama, Only The Hood Dies Young. The movie, which is due to start production in October, centers around a young drug dealer (Fabolous) struggling with his mother’s addiction and his girlfriend, played by Keyshia. Fabolous has appeared on the big screen before, most notably in Scary Movie 4 back in 2006. This however will be Keyshia’s first foray into movies and I wish her luck. Who knows? Maybe a few years from now she’ll surprise us all and be picking up her own Oscar as Jennifer Hudson did.
[Update 07/02/07] Keyshia Cole’s rep says story is false.
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Sistas, Speak With Your Wallets

As hard as it is to believe, a whole year after the trailer for this film first hit the internet, people are still talking about the garbage that is Diary Of A Tired Black Man. Now, I started not to give this movie any time and space on my site, but I see that I must just to talk about how much I hate it. For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing this modern day hate movie aimed at Black women, you can see clips of it on their official website. Word is it is also playing in selected theaters across the country. I happen to have had the opportunity to talk to the writer of this film, Tim Alexander, personally. We spoke several times by phone last year and he even invited me to some function he was attending aimed at dialoguing with Black women about the content of his movie. I passed on accompanying him to this pow wow with Black women because I knew what Tim was up to and I had no plans to help him.
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Rihanna Grabs The Big 1 From Mary J.

Rihanna Performing On MTV Movie Awards Number 1 single that is. Yep, according to Monster’s & Critics, Rihanna’s worldwide smash single, Umbrella, was originally intended for Mary J. Blige. Rihanna however says she loved the song so much when she first heard it that she was determined to get it. So determined that she confronted one of the song writers at the Grammy Awards and told him Listen, Umbrella is my song. Two days later the singer said she was told the single was officially hers. Now one can only wonder how Mary would have sounded singing this tune but I get the feeling she would have torn it up. But who cares what I think. Take our Monday morning poll and share your thoughts with us.
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Halle Premieres Perfect Stranger

Halle Berry and that fossil known as Bruce Willis premiered their highly anticipated movie, Perfect Stranger last night in New York City at the famed Ziegfeld Theater. Halle as usual looked perfect but kept mum on the red carpet about her little spat with Parade Magazine. As some of you may know, Halle was accused of resurrecting her ten year old suicide attempt in an interview she gave with the magazine in an effort to boost interest in her movie. Halle denied that claim and fired back, insisting that the incident was publicized by the writers, not her.
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Vivica Fox Talks Plastic Surgery

VIVICA-FOX-TURNS-49 (140x140)I love Vivica Fox and have been a fan of hers for many years now.I thought she was a beautiful Brown Sista when I first saw her in an episode of The Fresh Prince, and thought she was even more beautiful when I saw her in Independence Day and Set It Off.Though still a fan, I am saddened that Vivica hated what she saw in the mirror so much, that she went out and had plastic surgery that in my opinion has left her disfigured.Below is an interview she did with, in which she touches on the issue and what she thinks of the public’s response to her going under the knife.

Vivica A. Fox: You Can Hate Me Now

What you think about Vivica is none of her business. If you’re going to hate, hate on her career longevity in Hollywood, where’s she’s arguably one of the hardest working women in show business.

Vivica A. Fox has spent much of the last two decades building a multi-media Hollywood career. Her Internet Music Database page lists more than 60 film and television credits – and that’s just as an actress. Fox, 42, recently added producer to her resume.

She produced and starred in the now defunct Lifetime show “Missing” and several other movies, including “The Salon,” which comes out this fall. Her straight-to-DVD release “The Hard Corps,” co-starring action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme is out now, and she remains the radio voice of Cadillac. (A gig with the nice fringe benefit of a free Escalade.)
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Latavia Roberson Want To Make A Musical Comeback

Former Destiny’s Childsinger LaTavia Roberson has enjoyed her time away from the limelight. Back in 2000, during the midst of a whirlwind promotional tour for their sophomore album ‘The Writing’s on the Wall,’ Roberson and LeToya Luckett attempted to sever their management agreement with Mathew Knowles. They claimed Beyonce’s father favored his daughter and that he was keeping too much of the group’s profits.

Roberson and Luckett were then ousted from the group, replaced in their “Say My Name” music video with Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin who lip-synched to their background vocals. The two founding members then sued father and daughter Knowles, as well as group member Kelly Rowland. Both parties slung dirt during a back-and-forth media blitz, but the lawsuits ended up being settled out of court and Roberson and Luckett were said to have made a pretty penny. A non-disclosure agreement prohibits them from discussing the settlement.

Despite claims from Rowland and Knowles that Roberson and Luckett couldn’t sing, the two formed a new group called Anjel-right around the same time that Destiny’s Child kicked Franklin out of the group and became a tri0. Signed to a production deal with Jagged Edge, the group’s failure to launch caused them to disband. Luckett embarked on a solo music career and Roberson decided to retreat and do some soul searching.
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Halle Steps Behind The Camera To Produce Comedy Show

Halle Berry knows a thing or two about life as a biracial woman. She also has a nose for a good project, after sharing an executive producing credit for HBO’s Emmy-winning film “Lackawanna Blues.”

Both could be why she’s taking on a new HBO project, based on the memoirs of “Scrubs” writer Angela Nissel, author of “The Broke Diaries” and “Mixed: My Life in Black and White.” Berry, along with manager Vincent Cirrincione, will executive produce the original series, titled “Mixed Up,” a sitcom centered on the post-college adventures of a biracial woman and her two buddies. The project has not yet received the green light from HBO, but Nissel has completed the first draft of the pilot, sources say.

“It’s about living without the safety net. They’re all broke together,” Nissel told the Hollywood Reporter. Nissel, a consulting producer on “Scrubs,” recently signed a one-year overall deal with NBC Universal Television Studio to develop a comedy project.
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