Rihanna Unveils New Video

So here it is, Rihanna’s very cutesy black and white video for “You Da One,” the second single to be lifted from her Gold certified “Talk That Talk” album.

Directed by longtime collaborator, Melina, Rihanna has once again struck gold with a visually striking clip that is guaranteed to help propel the single into pole position.

As it stands right now, “You Da One” is #26 on iTunes. I predict it will be #1 by next week. ‘YDA’ is actually a great single on its own and needs no video in my opinion.

If airplay continues to go up RiRi will be looking at her 12th #1 single in only about 5 ½ years. Quite an accomplishment.

If Rihanna could move more albums, she would probably be far mores respected in the industry.

Despite being certified Gold, “Talk That Talk” has not actually sold 500,000 copies and is struggling on the U.S. charts, prsently occupying the #14 spot after only a month of being in release.

Rihanna is Smokin’ Hot in New Video

Though she says her record label won’t be too happy about it, Rihanna still chose to keep her fans in the loop by unveiling a screen cap from her upcoming video “You Da One.”

Destined to be the singer’s next worldwide hit, “You Da One” is already climbing charts across the globe, including the U.K. where the pop diva was recently named the biggest selling singles artist of 2011.

No official date for the release of the video has been set, but rumor around the water cooler is that it will debut Friday, December 30th.

Update:Video air date is officially listed as December 24th.

Rihanna is Da One

Rihanna’s camp released on the set images today of the singer shooting the video for her latest single “You Da One.”

Pop’s undeniable Queen was decked out in ripped denim shorts, a blonde wig, white see-thru t-shirt and a top hot and cain.

Flynet Pictures called the video shoot extremely raunchy… which pretty much matches the overall theme of “Talk that Talk.”

… and speaking of Rihanna’s new album, it will debut at #3 on this week’s Billboard Hot 200 Albums Chart. Selling just over 197,000 copies, “Talk that Talk” is Rihanna’s second largest opening ever.