your rights.

Happy Monday Brown Sistas and Fellas. Hope you had a great wknd.

*Heavy Sigh*

It’s been a long election and the moment of truth is literally right around the corner. Decision 08′ is coming to a close and a new chapter in history will begin. Either we will have the nation’s oldest president/first female vice president ever or we will have the nations’s first African-American…so GT would be a fool to not take this opportunity to urge Brown Sista readers to exercise their right to vote.

*Gets on Soap Box**Clears Throat*

You are allowed to not vote. And that’s your choice. But there are people who suffered and died to make sure that people of color have the right to let their voices be heard. Voting is a privilege and a responsibility which most certainly makes it a quality of life issue. So GT is here to tell you: Do the right thing.

*Gets off*

So Brown Sister Readers. What are your thoughts on this historic election and what are your plans for tomorrow night?