Taking Him Home For The Holidays?

While in LA last week I noticed a billboard promoting a sequel to the 2004 romantic comedy Meet the Fockers. It’s hard to forget the hilarious and awkward moments that Ben Stiller experienced when he and his family met his fiancée’s parents for the first time. Pure comedy.  Could you imagine taking your man home to meet a father like Robert DeNiro?  Or what if your entire family had enough personality disorders to send you and your boo over the edge?  It often leaves many people nervous about the milestone altogether.  Is it worth the pressure?

Taking someone home to meet the family is a big step and as Thanksgiving approaches, many of you are probably wondering if you should extend the invitation. Are you ready for that step?  For him to meet your family whether they’re uptight or out of control?  For the questions that will surely follow your introduction of him?  It’s a lot, especially around the holidays.

Deciding on whether to take someone home all depends on the situation, agreement or understanding that you have with each other.  If you’re together and are a couple, then it’s only natural that the discussion should take place and you shouldn’t be afraid to say something.  If you’re having a difficult time bringing it up, then you should question the relationship.  Being a couple means that meeting the friends and family is just as normal as the two of you making eye contact.

Now if you’re dating each other, it could go either way.  It really depends on both of your style.  Some people are a little more carefree and it isn’t really a big deal.  Other people like to take their time.  In this instance, you’re just going to have to compromise or come to an agreement.

If you’re a sidepiece…you should never even admit that you thought about going anywhere!  Sorry!  Pump your brakes!  Meeting each others family is usually never apart of this kind of arrangement.

Whatever you decide, make sure you talk it through with your SOS.  As long as the two of you are cool with the pace and path that you are on than you should’t have anything to worry about.  Meeting the family is a major step and can be full of pros and cons but it is a special one.  There’s nothing like being in one space with all of the people that you love and with who makes you happy.  You just gotta be up for it.

Enjoy the holidays and take a shot or two of eggnog to smooth out the night.

-Ashley Charisma is the author of School of Black Love.  For more info on Ashley Charisma and the novel visit www.ashleycharisma.com.

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  1. Yeah meeting the family in a holiday setting can be stressful because some folks have those crazy family that love airing out dirty laundry during the holidays. Might sending SOS running.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. The holidays is the worst time to meet the parents. I try to hold off on that for as long as possible.

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