Talk To Me Tuesdays 6.19.07

Another Tuesday is upon us and so you know what that means- It’s Talk To Me Tuesday time again. This is where members to get to have open discussions on the blog about whatever they like. Conversations are not limited to talks about gossip or celebrities. You can’t vent, get to know your fellow posters, ask questions, give and get advice. It’s basically all up to you. Our last few TTMT conversations were pretty intense and hopefully this week’s discussion will just as thought provoking. So enough from me already- talk to me people…


  1. I have noticed that you have referenced the interracial blog several time in your posts over the last few weeks and I wondered what you thought of her most recent post. Do you believe that by putting a non Black woman on the cover of a magazine aimed at Black men is disrespectful to Black women and what do you think the motives are of the White man whom she says sent her the picture?

  2. Black Men magazine in particular is known for that. I would guess of all the women they put on the cover and in the magazine itself are not Black or maybe at best half Black. I cannot say I am shocked that a magazine aimed at brothas would choose an Asian woman for their cyber sex issue- we all know their are no Black female sex symbols online (insert sarcasm here). Still, I cannot nor will I stress myself over such things as they are expected.

  3. Actually its very rare that black women are used to target black men when it comes to anything regarding the media. You just get used to it after a while.

  4. ^^ It’s sad to say but true! Also, If you noticed us black women have come a long way from being in white male mag. to being on the covers, to having our own mag. So it a way I guess it’s fair. :confused:

  5. Okay, I have two things:

    #1 – What do you all think of Rufus Wainwright’s ‘interview’ where he quoted that artists such as Beyonce and their music is primarily akin to a scientific experiment; and that the music of today (I guess ‘pop’ music) has no depth and is manufactured; it has no soul??? I’ll try to find the quote/site and post it here. But what do you guys think about this?

    I’m inclined to agree with him, seeing as how we have a number of Cassie’s and Rihanna’s and Ashlee Simpsons and JoJos all over the charts. (bad examples maybe) He mentions Beyonce, but is commenting on the whole of music put out there today.

    I think of Justin Timberlake and his work with Timbaland on this record. His last record was primarily produced with The Neptunes. Both Timbaland and Pharrell/The Neptunes/N.E.R.D. are primarily producers and not artists. Justin experimented with new sounds for both of these endeavors. I find parts of his work to be meaningful. “FutureSexLoveSounds”, to me, is more experimental and beat-heavy and production-induced than it is soulful.

    Why the change in music? Why are the scales tipped accordingly. There ‘are’ artists out there that yet represent the soulful and meaningful, but they pale in comparison to those artists who ‘f_ck for tracks’ LOL or who have to get with the Neptunes or Timbaland or Polow Da Don, etc. What do you think?

    #2 – I read on another blog that Janet Jackson is currently in the studio working on another album. It made me think about her albums from times past, particularly the Rhythm Nation album. Way back then, in the ages, Janet’s work was socially conscious (if that makes sense). She dedicated a part of what she sang about to referencing society and the downfalls of illiteracy, poverty, etc.

    My question is this, should our R&B artists be more socially conscious, as well? Should they dedicate more than one song per album to recognizing our ‘failing’ society? Just think about it, the problems Janet sang about 20 years ago fall in line behind the problems we have today: a crappy government, the war in Iraq, profiling, etc.

    Who of the artists we have out now are singing (at least a little bit) about these issues? Who’s addressing them at least somewhat? Any of them? Should they? Would doing this make music more meaningful? or should artists continue to sing about just love and relationships?

  6. I don’t see the big deal… Black Men magazine isn’t Black Owned… We as blacks need to stop looking for others to validate who we are as a people… I could care less if a WHITE WOMAN finds me to be attractive… In all what I’m saying is, lets try to focus ON US, as BLACK LOVE is beautiful period… :iagree: :thumbsup: :banana: 😀

  7. Actually all I see on Black men’s magazines are Black Women on the cover.

  8. We’ll guess what I’ve bought the new Vibe magazine and on their ads of clothing I see nothing but black women. I guess they heard ya’ll out. :thumbsup:

  9. well VIBE is urban per say… black mags would be such as Ebony, Jet, Black Enterprise, and so on… :dance:

  10. no one, as i use the search engine… by the way, JILL SCOTT is getting a divorce sadly, so u may want to post that info… in all keep up the good work sweet nubian rose… :brownsista:

  11. Not many ppl come to a blog for this kinda stuff. It’s not a FORUM.

  12. Well we are not most blogs. We pride ourself on having originality and so far it seems to be working for us.

  13. Fact of life is that whenever dealing with anything aimed at Black men a good portion of it will exclude Black women. But like Brown Sista has said before, speak with your wallets and let the world know that if it does not support and enhance you, then you will not but it. Movies with Black men and no Black female lead should be off limits to us. Speak with your wallets sistas and the world will listen. :thumbsup:

  14. damn kelly rowland’s new cd is puttin’ a brotha to sleep. i’ll give it another chance. any of you all get that new chrisette michelle cd? that’s ill. i hope this isn’t an example of yours truly perpetuating the light v. dark controversey/theory/discussion.

    as far as tila tequila on the magazine, good for her. it’s amazing what one can do with a start from a myspace page. i think that’s black men’s magazine trying to scare up more subscribers by using tequila’s myspace popularity. last cover i seen, they had maliah on the cover. melissa ford before that.

    but then again, this is coming from a guy who has pics of Coco on his blogs. :-\

  15. I fail to see the appeal of Coco except as a fantasy whore which is what Ice uses her as. She cannot possbly be his wife and I say this based on the pics I have seen of him pulling her pants down and exposing her breasts for the camera. Recently I saw pics of him sucking her breasts on stage. Why do Black men love this fake women so much? Nothing on her from her hair color, to her breasts to her butt is real yet brothers swwon over this woman.

  16. well personally i don’t know the woman. so i can’t say what’s fake or what’s real. regardless, i don’t care.

    it’s all eye candy to us guys. damn Ice is buckwild.

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