Talk To Me Tuesdays (Polow Edition)

It’s Tuesday and you guys know what that means. It’s time to let you the members and guests have your say and there is much to talk about. For starters, we have Polow da Don who just can’t keep Black women’s name out his mouth. Though no one has ever asked him about his preferences in women, he seems all to ready in every interview to tell the world why we, the women who look like him, just aren’t up to par.

Originally it was just our oral skills that displeased him but now our very demeanors are being called into question. Ordinarily I would have written something up on his man but thought using him as the subject matter for TTMT would be much better.

My personal opinion however is that we should not give this type of ilk our time or attention. Polow looks a fool in the eyes of the world, who long ago recognized why men like him do what they do. My only advice to sistas is the advice I gave you all in the past. Do not support this man or the non sistas he works with. No it isn’t Fergie’s fault he feels the way he does, but remember Polow’s original statements he made months ago, bragging about how he was the first to take WW to the clubs in order to have them watch and emulate us. Well how does that benefit you sistas? It doesn’t. And if it doesn’t benefit you then don’t spend your money on it.

Having this man viciously attack us over and over again and then brag about turning WW into pale versions of us is an insult. Speak with your wallets sistas. Turn your back on this man and all he does. I will not support him in anything he does, not even if it’s with sistas. Every time you buy a record he wrote or produced you help him to take care of another woman and her people. Polow’s money leaves our community and goes to help that of a community that did nothing to put him where he is today.

I could really go on and on about this but won’t. My only wish is that sistas know that men like Polow are our enemy as his words tear at the hearts and souls of Black women. With every insult a Black woman or girl’s self esteem is eaten away at just a little more. To hell with him…


  1. Dayum…I couldna said it better. However I have a question for you (steph or Debra, I don’t know who wrote this article) but yesterday, one of the commnents was that we don’t want Alicia Keys to change b/c then she will be a threat to us and and the only reason we like her is b/c she isn’t Beyonce. I want to know how you feel about comments like that?

  2. I will not knowingly support this kneegro, but who’s to say I won’t? I mean, hasn’t he produced for EVERYONE!?!?! Including some of our own BrownSistas like Bey, Kelly, Ciara, etc.??? 🙁

    @ Liyah,

    Very interesting question.

    I really love this site…I just hate that I’m unable to be here and post as much as I’d like. Just thought I’d throw that out there. :brownsista:

  3. this man is a disgrace to himself. when he looks in the mirror apparently he dosen’t like what he sees my being angry with him is not going to fix that. perhaps he should invest in some antipsycotic meds :lol2: then he will learn to love himself.

  4. ok hopefully i don’t get attacked before you guys take time to read my post…
    i agree with polow, black women are taught to be independent and to question and sometimes a man isn’t black enough or man enough to handle us sistahs…i think that he probably is one of those males who believes that women should walk behind him and not side by side with him…sad but that’s just how some men think, particularly black men who aren’t very educated, and polow may be a talented musician but he obviously lacks knowledge to enable him to think moderly…but her speaks the truth…it’s man, woman, child…but i don’t think God meant follow whatever your husband says to do, follow him only if he is doing things God would approve of…polow needs some schooling…because having a white version of a black girl is the same thing as having a black girl…

  5. When I first read his comments I dismissed him as another self-loathing, low-esteemed fool not deserving my attention. I still feel that way but I guess he will have my attention going forward because I will have to actively seek his name on an album or record just so I won’t support it. :bag:

    He also says he talks with his momma and daddy everyday. It must be sad for his momma to know he finds her weak and undesirable by men. And his daddy surely must be insulted that his own son disrespects not just his momma, but his sister too.

  6. I didn’t know he had this much hatred towards black women…all I gotta say is, WHAT IN THE WORLD DID HIS MOTHER, SISTER, GRANDMOTHER, FEMALE COUSINS, AND THE ONES HE DATED BEFORE HE TURNED OUT THIS WAY?!?!


  7. You know he’s ignorant to make comments like that….but yet come from a black women. That was brilliant Polow.

    He’s only doing this because he’s in front of the cameras finally. He’s been behind the scene waiting for this day since the “FRIEND” video with Rich boy-clay face. OK he’s cute but there’s cuter black men out there with WAY MORE MONEY that wants nothing but the Black QUEENS so….Polow STAY with what you prefer. Us beautiful black women are no way indeed THREATENED. Go back to work and make a beat or something Polow!!! 🙂

  8. Men like Polow and any man who think like Polow have issues with control, ego, self esteem, and dominance. If you can only feel like a man by having a woman submit and bow down to you then you have a problem…A woman taking on her womanly role in the home doesn’t mean being a slave or puppet…NO MAN will be in a relationship with me or in my bed an think his ego is above me questioning him, what kind of woman enters a relationship with a man and doesn’t ask questions, that’s EVERY WOMAN’S RIGHT….A REAL MAN shouldn’t be afraid of a woman that challenges him…He looks and sounds like a fool stereotyping and generalizing all black women….In all honesty men like this have no respect for women white or black, women are nothing but sex objects and ego booster for losers like Polow….Most men like this have a wide range of psychological problems and a history of abuse…And being that he made that statement, white women are stupid for messing with him as well…When a black man tha says white women are better, “better” is a smoke screen for saying white women are; “weak, submissive , gullible, naive,fools, none thinking, none challenging,” basically he can do what in the hell he wants without being questioned.

    I’m not mad, he can join the likes of Westly Snipes, Taye Diggs, Charles Barkley, O.J. Simpson, and Tiger Woods….White women can have these sorry black fools!!


  9. I read about this fool some time ago. He is not worth our time nor day. To me he’s seems like another b**** that can’t handle a real sista so he runs to “Becky” for her to stroke his little ego and probably right along with his other “little something.” I’m also convinced that he’s just trying to seek more attention so he thinks bashing black women will accomplish his goal. Instead it backfired on him plus he made a complete a**h** out himself. Little does he know he has insulted white women as well he called them weak, dumb and servents. I’m sure white women don’t want to be known as that in fact I know white women that will curse thier husbands/boyfriends out if they ever think about betraying them. I’m not saying cursing out is the way to go, but that’s how it is with them.

    Polow has got to be an completed idiot to think all white women will bow down to him or anybody, has he not watch Snapped? Has he not watch Court TV where a WW was charged last week in the stabbling of her husband multiple times. I see on the news quite often of WW doing haneous crimes on thier mates. Don’t let the “stereotypes” fool you he’s quite lucky he ran into a few nice ones. With that being said Polow is one ignorant individual that will not have any support from me. I hope the day won’t come when one of his “easy women” don’t try to take him into court for rape. **cough**kobe.

  10. I’m not mad, he can join the likes of Westly Snipes, Taye Diggs, Charles Barkley, O.J. Simpson, and Tiger Woods….White women can have these sorry black fools!!

    So true Stef, Don’t forget about Ice-T either. He pimps his wife out plus he calls her b**** and h**s, even though she just laugh like a dummy what is she really thinking?

  11. I am not that familiar with Polow but his sentiments only confirm what we as Black women should already know – the Black man has left the building. We’ve seen the subtle and now not so subtle change from the Mocah sister in the music videos, to the light bright sister, and now the Chica, the Causcasian, and the Asian – you now need a microscope to find the Mocah sister EXCEPT when they are singing about the “hood rat” or the “gold digger”. When that verse is sung they then rap about their new “model chick” or the “#1 chick” who ususally looks like … well in most cases I can’t tell what race the women is supposed to represent – but 9/10 times she’s not readily identifiable as a Black woman.

    We’ve suspected it with respect to the well to do, well educated Black men too. They prefer a mate who is light bright or white women [In the interest of disclosure, I fall in the former category]. Well no need to suspect anymore. CNN recently reported a story highlighting that fact that Black women are no longer heeding the call to take any Black man they can get, they are now focusing — based on marriage stats from the US census — on finding love no matter what the color of the “brother.” What I found most interesting in that story is that Black men started following this script a long time ago. Of the almost 450K reported mixed marriages in this country, 75% are of Black men marrying a woman of another race. And 50% of that number were of men who had college degrees and made $100k or more a year. In other words, the cream of the crop of Black men in terms of education, employment, and finances. And considering that thre are 5 Black women on most college campuses to 1 Black man, he certainly doesn’t lack for opportunities to meet, date and marry a Black women. Now I don’t subscribe to the view that Black who date/marry a White women hates Black women and/or are self-hating Black men. I’m sure there is a fair amount of that going on but I suspect that there are just as many mixed relationships based on true love. In fact, if you look back in the 60’s and 70’s many of the flyest Black actresses dated and married White men. But some where along the way we didn’t get the memo that creating a Black family was of the first order so…over the years we have coddled and loved and made excuses for our men. And to what end … we now have Polow!

    Now I don’t have a problem with Polow or even with what he said. I put him in the trifling, uneducated, no class caste – In one fell swoop he degraded his mother and every other Black women in his family. I don’t expect him to give a flying fig about me, any other Black woman, or the race for that matter. What do I care about a simpleton like that? What I am concerned about is that the degradation of Black women has become so commonplace — so entrenched in the Black community — that “Polow” felt safe enough to make this statement for all to hear and read about. That is the problem we as Black women need to address because our former protectors — Black men — have left the building. We are all alone in this fight and we need to do domething now. Indeed, we need look no further Don Imus. When questioned about why he thought it was ok to call the Rutgers team “Nappy headed hos” he pointed to rappers and what they rap about. He should have known better, but he had a point. Why was his conduct so egregious when our own Black men degrade us everyday without neary a word of protest?

  12. Black men don’t like Black women and the darker you get the more undesirable you become in their eyes. This is a fact and one I accepted years ago. The sooner Black women wake and realize their own worth they stop even caring what the Polow’s of the world think and say because they realize they have options outside of men like him.

    Stay blessed.

  13. Reading the many hate-full things black men say on the internet, I look at Barack Obama and wonder. He not only married a black woman, but a brown-skinned black woman–and she’s just as educated and erudite as he is–when he could have easily gone the way it seems most edumacated black men go. It really makes me think about his grandparents–WHITE grandparents–and the job they did of raising him when he too could have fallen to only dating and marrying white women because it was all he saw.

  14. Added: Barack Obama compared to Polow da Don is really ironic, isn’t it? Polow was raised by black parents and went to uber-black college Morehouse and slags off on black women, while Barack Obama was raised by white grandparents and attended Columbia and Harvard Law and married a black woman.

  15. Once again another brotha trying to make it big in the industry by dissing black women. It’s ironic that he criticizes black women then goes on to say that his sister taught him how to mix beats. Basically he wouldn’t be sh– if his sister hadn’t schooled him on mixing.
    I’ll keep his comments about black women in mind if he ever runs into problems with the law and want black people to come to his rescue.

  16. To me he’s seems like another b**** that can’t handle a real sista so he runs to “Becky” for her to stroke his little ego and probably right along with his other “little something.”

    TinaMiranda, that’s too funny!

    :lol2: :bowdown:

  17. Stef, you know guys like that gots to have liitle ones :lol2:

  18. He should simply say he likes white women. Originally that king of the white girls” business was about “white girls mad head game”. Then it changed to this nonsense about black women not being submissive. Sounds like he already got checked for the first dumb comment and tried to go another route. We all know how easy it is to blame black women. I haven’t heard any of these “artist” defend black women yet. They will defend themselves though. To all yall cosigning for him, check it out if you missed the original explanation. Fools like Polow will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.


    I agree with you,

    I don’t have a problem with brothas dating outside of their race, but when black men dog out sistas and put white women or women of another race on a pedistal to justify their choice of woman, that makes me angry, like their aren’t any strong willed white women who haven’t stood up to him…Polow didn’t even have to say that he pefers white women, just keep your mouth shut and do what you do….He sounds like he has an ego problem and I’m sure that some sista has put his a** in his place on more than one occasion which is the reason why he’s so angry toward us.




  21. He so called wanted to retract what he said but but ended up speaking more ignorantly. PLEASE READ. I think he really LOST IT!


    Polow Da Don has been the talk of the urban community and every major Hip-Hop site and blog on the web, due to some audacious comments made in a recent interview with comments that raised more than a few eyebrows. With controversial topics such as race, gender, and religion, there is always opposition and speculation. Nevertheless, Polow Da Don is relentlessly consistent and refuses to falter under the criticism of his peers. Polow Da Don spoke freely with about the aforementioned comments and why he isn’t backing down. Oh, and for the record, he is now the self-proclaimed “Prince of the White Girls.” Of course there has been all type of controversy surrounding the interview you did with us.

    Polow Da Don: Oh I love it. It just makes people kind of think. I got a lot of positive feedback on the MySpace page, and emails, and on the IM (Instant Messenger). I got mostly positive feedback, actually. So do you stand by your statements?

    Polow Da Don: Oh definitely. It has nothing to do with me, these effects. I didn’t make this stuff up. Only thing where people got misled is that I said I prefer a White woman, and that’s not the case at all. Really, I date all types of women. It was a stage in my life when I started dating a lot of White women- that was just a stage in my life. Right now, I date girls I like. I don’t base it off of any shade or color when I meet a girl now. They linked my comments about the Black family and Black women with the “King of the White Girls” and [the fact that] I dated White girls. That’s where it all went wrong. So when I was comparing Black women to White women, that has zero to do with me dating White women. What I was saying was factual though. Ladies and gentlemen agreed, n****s and b******s got mad. I think people viewed the Black women not being submissive comment as a negative thing. Do you view the idea of a woman being submissive as negative?

    Polow Da Don: Well of course [they viewed it as negative], because they’ve been taught to think that. And that’s exactly my point. A lot of those women who probably feel that way probably came up without both parents, or they are probably in a situation where they are not married now. All you got to do is refer to the “Willie Lynch Letter.” First of all, we don’t read enough as a people, we don’t educate ourselves enough as a people. When I make strong opinions and comments like this, you’re gonna have people that go crazy, and you’re gonna have other people that say, “He’s right.” So my point is, anybody with a strong opinion, or strong words, or when you say something racial, it’s an emotional thing. Black women are very emotional, Black people are very emotional. So when you’re talking about a race, it’s going to be emotional, it’s going to be mixed views.

    I’m just bringing the problem out to the forefront. That’s the only way you can solve a problem. If you’re in denial and say, “We don’t have a problem,” you will see the divorce rate increase, or you will see [the] marriage rate decrease because it’s already been proven. My parents got married almost 40 years ago, and they are still together and more in love than my homeboys and my homegirls. Do you think that your mom would agree or disagree with your statements?

    Polow Da Don: She would definitely say I was right. I love my mother because she is a strong woman. My mother came from Japan. My mother was born in Japan so she has very strong morals. At the end of the day, she definitely believes in letting the man be the man of the house. She definitely believes in family because of what she went through in life. My mother was adopted, so her family is like her only real family. Me, my brother, my sister and my father, we are her life. So she just looks at family a little different, she values it. Of course they have arguments, but they are a healthy couple. But at the end of the day, my mother remains to be a woman, so it makes it so much easier for my father just to be a man. So we were always clear about who was who and what was what. My mother is very strong, she’s actually stronger.

    It’s not that I’m attacking Black women; Black women have done this to themselves. Well I’m not going to say that. They didn’t do it to themselves, but they are a part of the cycle, which means they’re not helping the situation by not looking at the problem. So let’s take White people out of it, and take any other race out of it. I used White women as a comparison because so many Black people get mad because I say that I’m the “King of the White Girls.” First of all, saying that I’m the “King of the White Girls,” how can you find that disrespectful as a Black woman? You are an idiot. If anything, I should have Klansmen feeling disrespected; I should have White women feeling disrespected as far as a Black man saying he’s the king of the White women. It’s not disrespectful to Black woman at all. If a white man says, “I’m the King of Black women,” would [Black women] be mad at the White man? Of course you would be, and so would Black men. You think a White woman would be mad at a White man saying, “I’m the king of Black women?” No, they won’t be mad. So I don’t understand how a Black woman can feel offended by me saying I’m the “King of the White Girls.” I didn’t come up with that. Like I said, a White man came up with that title for me. But, Black women do need to get their shit together, period, point blank. And if you’re in denial of that, you are part of the problem. Do you think that White women don’t have any issues?

    Polow Da Don: American women have issues. Black women are the backbone of our families. If every Black woman got together and said, “We’re not gonna date guys unless they have PhDs. We’re not gonna date guys unless they have a Master’s [degree].” Guess what? In due time, n****s will stop selling dope and they’ll start going to college. It’s that simple. Again, all you have to do is refer to the “Willie Lynch Letter.” All this was planned. All the negative responses; you’re supposed to respond like that. That wasn’t even your idea to act like that. That was the white man’s idea that had slaves hundreds of years ago. See that’s what they don’t understand. What I’m doing is shining the light on the problem. So we’re shining the light on the roaches, now we got to get these roaches out of here. See me talking like I talk is really a red flag. It’s really on some “wake up” s**t. So why do you go at women more than men?

    Polow Da Don: First of all, Americans get divorced almost double any other country. That’s a problem within itself. Now Black women, or Black families I should say, almost all end in divorce. Now, a woman, to me, can either hold that together or she can let it go. Most men don’t know how to be men anymore, because most of them come from the brunt of their mothers, with no father there. That woman can’t teach them how to be a man. So him not being a man now is just him coming from a background that he’s unfortunate. So now, nine times out of ten, he’s gonna have a certain way; and if you come from that same kind of background, nine times out of ten, ya’ll are gonna fail as a couple. But it’s gonna take the Black women to turn it around. So that’s why I come at the Black women first. Just like if I want to have all the hoes on the block and be a pimp, I got to get all the women’s backing first. Then I can get all the dudes to come to any party I want them to come to. Look at strip clubs. You take all the women out of strip clubs and see how popular the strip club becomes. You tell women to stop dating dope dealers and you’ll see how cool dealing dope becomes. So we discussed how some Black have not really learned to be men yet. Do you think that may be a reason why some Black women have a problem being submissive to that kind of man?

    Polow Da Don: No. Women have been taught to not trust us. Women have run the household for so long, they’ve been taught to be independent. So when a man comes in and tries to run the household, they are kind of fighting for that spot, so to speak. There’s gonna be a little resistance before a woman just let’s it all go because they’ve seen their mothers be strong, and grandmothers be so strong, and they taught them to be the same way. So when you meet a guy you’re gonna challenge him. Take somebody like Oprah (Winfrey.) To me Oprah is a bad example. To me Oprah being titled as the most powerful Black woman in America, and she doesn’t have a man… To me that’s sending a bad signal to all young Black women. That’s saying the most powerful Black woman in America didn’t need a man. You telling me that’s a role model? Do you feel like people who are celebrities hold their tongue on issues like this? Do you think they should?

    Polow Da Don: I feel like status and money allows you to be who you really are. I think that’s why some people are in the closet, until they get rich, then go, “Oh! I’m gay.” This is who I really am. I really am someone who looks at the big picture. I feel like I just see through so much of the bulls**t. I look past the things that are right in front of me. So, all you got to do is read the Bible. Read, just read. It is a fact that it should be God, man, woman, child. I feel like if a woman plays her role, then a man has no choice but to play his role. And they both, as a whole, need to get back into God. Then our children will fall in line. Our children will not disrespect [their] parents. But I think we do have to start with the Black woman because [they] have the most power. Another statement that offended people was when you said either Black people are idiots or white people are geniuses. I think they interpreted the statement as your personal feelings. Do you remember that statement?

    Polow Da Don: I think everybody keeps forgetting that I’m Black myself. And what people like to do is, once somebody gets a little money, all of a sudden you’re not one of “them” anymore. The problem is, most of your readers, especially on, don’t know who they are and don’t read, and are not educated. N****s don’t read books. Now when you print that, a lot of people are gonna get mad. But I’m gonna tell you something, White people already know this. It’s not a secret so don’t get mad at me for stating the facts. I’m not making Black people look bad, you’re making Black people look bad. Black people already look bad. You go anywhere across the world and see how they respect Black people. Africans don’t even respect Black Americans. I’m just saying, this is real s**t. Everybody looks at the Black American like we’re fools, like we’re lazy, like we’re idiots, and like we’re dumb. This is factual, and if you don’t believe that I’m telling the truth, what you need to do is just do your history and do your homework. Discuss this matter with people around the world. Come on man, n****s is dying and killing over rims and jewelry. It is time to be slapped and wake up. So do you think that your opinions set you apart from others in the industry?

    Polow Da Don: When I came into the game with my production, didn’t you hear something different in my music? Like a sense of dignity? When I blew up, snap music was the biggest thing poppin’. When I came with “London Bridge” a hater will look at it like “Aww man, he doing pop music. He giving all that good stuff to white people.” I look at it like; I’m bringing them to my culture because that’s the most Hip-Hop you’ve ever heard. “London Bridge” was probably one of the most Hip-Hop beats that came out in the last three to five years. So, everything I do, I do with pride and I do with dignity. And that’s why the real leaders in this game respect me. And that’s why I’m different. That’s why I get invited to dinner dates that others don’t get invited to. They know that my mind set, it’s just something about me. This is a secret. Black people have secrets. White people don’t. And what I meant when I said “either black people are idiots or white people are geniuses” is that we have fallen for the trick over and over again. We are more enslaved than we’ve ever been. We used to get our a** beat to do stuff, now we do it on our own. Now we hold each other down on our own. Now we don’t wanna be s**t on our own. Now we don’t read on our own. I’m a bad motherf****r, any other questions? [Laughs]. Wow. Somebody left a comment and called you a “House N***a.” Does that offend you?

    Polow Da Don: Most of the time the house n***a would come and whip a field n***a’s a**. Nah I’m just joking. A lot of people take my humor too seriously. That’s just an ignorant statement. They are supposed to feel that way, so no matter how much sense I make, them, and people who feel like them, will discredit me. Why are there no Black leaders? The s**t is by design. It’s hard to have a Black leader because the old people don’t respect the young people, and the young people don’t respect the old. The men don’t respect the women, and the women don’t respect the men. So how can a person lead all these people who are confused? I feel you. So do you have anything else to add?

    Polow Da Don: Yes. I am no longer calling myself the “King of White Girls,” I am the Prince. Quincy Jones had the baddest white girls ever, and the most. I did my history and I ain’t got s**t on Quincy Jones.

  22. S.DOT

    Thanks for the article, I heard about it but didn’t get a chance to read it until now.


    I looked over this article and a few IGNORANT statements jumped out at me.

    ***Black women did this to themselves!
    ***If more women would date men with Master Degrees & Ph.D’s men wouldn’t sale drugs?
    ***Oprah is a bad example?
    ***Fergie is HIP-HOP?

    Polow is a typical a$$ backwards, controling Negro, blame black women for the state of the black family and the fact that some sorry a$$ men can’t get their act together, black men are equaly to blame for the destruction of the black family…Why does it take a woman to want to date a brotha with a degree to make a black man want to step his game up and educate himselve and stop selling drugs, black women are attending college at an all time high today, that should be enought motivation for any black man…And being that his mother is from Japan I understand why he expects a woman to bow down and be submissive, he expects all women to live by Asian culture rules…And Oprah is a bad example because she’s powerful, independent and doesn’t have a man, what a joke and Fergie is hip-hop, what an even bigger joke.


  23. OOPS!

    I meant…
    black men are equally to blame
    educate himself…

  24. Drugs, ignorance, low self-esteem and self-hate is what happened to the “Don”

    There are a lot of contradictions and misguided information in his ramblings. Without a doubt, he will look back at these comments one day and regret that he spoke them out loud. I only hope that actor/comedian/radio show host Steve Harvey is privy to these comments and reaches out to this young “brother” He needs positive guidance…

  25. I read his 1st and 2nd article. I agree w/most of what he says , if you read his article his mother is from japan, women from other countries in general are submissive, that how he was raised, I’m black and most of my friends are black, i have to other married black friends, all of our men are leaders, we would have it no other way, don’t get me wrong none of us are housewives waiting on our men hand and foot, however i do let him relax when he gets off work, i also cook dinner and make sure our children have had their shower, what black women don’t understand is a man needs to know he’s the man, no matter what happened during the day he comes home and he’s the king my husband keeps me on a pedestal, i would never disrepect his manhood and in turn. I’m going to start my own blog so i can teach black women. How to keep and marry their men. I promise you will never be upset when you hear about a black man dating outside of his race you will think his loss or you may realize that they just might love each other. Sometimes you need to be like a white woman in distress rather than a strong black woman. Lets not get it confused a stong black woman doesn’t need a man.

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