Tamala Jones Regrets Her Implants

Tamala Jones Some might remember her as the sassy-talking wife on “For Your Love” or the woman Taye Diggs couldn’t get over in “The Wood.” Either way, Tamala Jones has always made her presence felt no matter the role. Nowadays, the 34-year-old California native sees dead people as a medical examiner on the new medical drama “Castle.” Jones sat down with ESSENCE.com to talk about her near-death experience, why she got breast implants, and her pulbic romances.

ESSENCE.COM: Welcome back! We understand that you get your hands dirty as Lanie Parish, a medical examiner, on “Castle.” How’s it walking in those scrubs?

TAMALA JONES: Great. The thing is, I’m good at that sister-girl role but I had to stop taking that role. When it comes to White Hollywood, they think that’s all you can do as a Black actress, but I encourage my agent to send me out for roles that are written for Caucasian women. My role on this show was written for a White woman and only recurring, not a series-regular role. I was about to test for Jada Pinkett’s new show, “HawthoRNe,” when they asked me to be a series regular.

ESSENCE.COM: It’s all about knocking down racial barriers. Speaking of which, how has Obama’s presidency affected Black Hollywood?

JONES: I’ve noticed that they are allowing Black people to play certain roles. If you think about it, Dennis [Haysbert], the All State Farm Guy, played the President of the United States on “24” before Obama was elected. What the president has done is make Black Hollywood more aware of political issues and encourage us to understand what we’re voting for.

ESSENCE.COM: Let’s switch gears. There was a time that you disappeared from the scene. What were you up to?

JONES: Recovering. At 23, I almost died from a brain aneurysm. It popped from extreme stress. I was filming “The Wood” and the whole right side of my body went numb. Back then I was doing three shows and not taking care of myself. I later found out that it was hereditary on my mom’s side of the family. I tell people if you have a pain you need to go to the doctor and not ignore it. Young people think things like that only happen to old people.

ESSENCE.COM: That’s so true. Some speculated that your sudden lack of roles had to do with the breast augmentation you received. Do you agree?

JONES: It wasn’t the breast augmentation. I was depressed after my house was burned down and I lost everything. I picked up weight and the casting people called my manager to find out what was going on with me. As Black people, when you put on a little weight we don’t make a big deal about it, but for Hollywood it’s a problem. I hate that I got the breat augmentation. I was tired of constantly being told to tape my breast to make it appear I had more cleavage, so I said let me just take care of it all at once, and I did, but I think I hurt myself by thinking I had to do that.

ESSENCE.COM: Weren’t you dating southern rapper Big Gipp from the Goodie Mob? What happened with you two?

JONES: Gip and I dated for four years. He and I are still friends and talk occassionally. I still love him. After four years, I had to face the reality after having the difficult conversation that he was married to his career and told me as much. I have to respect that whether or not that’s what I wanted to hear. I want to be married so I had to keep it moving. Being honest was the most responsible thing he could have done instead of dragging me along. Again, I understood and couldn’t be mad at him for telling me the truth. I’m dating now, and I think I’ve passed my 20-something phase of dating rappers/artists and I simply date who I like. I’m trying to broaden my horizons and that’s always a good thing.

Tune in to watch Tamala Jones on ABC’s “Castle” on Mondays at 9 P.M.



  1. Tamala played a total 488 seconds in Castle , how are you going to call this a “role” , when your part is about 38 seconds per episode ? Tamala has been marketed badly , we already had Megalyn in CSI who was dealing with death bodies then we had Kandi in the other CSI . how many more do we need ? do they have to play just under a minute every time or what.

  2. Funny because in every Csi the coroner person IS a part of the show but when it’s a sister it’s a problem 🙂 Pathetic I love tamala and i love her more in her sister girl role but more power to her i’m a csi will pay extra money to record it if i miss it junkie gotta figure out a way to kill those crazy ass celebrity stans without getting catch 😛 kidding! But anyway if there is one thing i learned it is not to live with regrets so let it go T, Oh and stephanie you should keep the color but stick to the old one post then scroll down thing Just a suggestion 😉

  3. wow i honestly forgot about her i do remember her on that show “For Your Love’ and the movie “The Wood”. Her and Taraji P. Henson remind me of each other. But she is kool she seems down to earth and she is a pretty brownsista

  4. I think she’s pretty with or without implants.When getting done something like that U have to want them for yourself and no one else.I love mine

  5. I agree Voice!!! I’ve always been a fan of hers. It’s sad how limited roles are for black actresses in hollywood. It seems like amateurs are paying for roles! That’s why till this day I respect Halle because she NEVER accepted no for an answer. She practiced her butt off. She knew that automatically she would be typecasted to certain roles only and she wasn’t having that. Jones is a GREAT actress. A lot of people are always talking negative about her, Gabby, Sanaa, Meagan, and etc., about not being in any movies. The truth of the matter is NO ONE is knocking on black actresses doors like that. WE have to make a change though. Tyler Perry has started, but we need to keep up the trend.

  6. Implants?
    What implants?

    Well anyways I think she looks fine. She’s a beautiful brown sista and she’s talented too. She’s been in the game along time and I hope she gets all the props she deserves.

  7. What roles do we deem acceptable for for black women. Damn everytime I turn around we are complainging about this or that. Mqaybe that’s why it’s hard for black people especially black women to just be happy for one another. If she got a great role then what is wrong with that. We praise and worship these black women for shaking their buts and looking like hookers in their video yet for her she will get disrespect for playing an educated woman.

    Let’s celebrate black women for stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something different.

  8. I love tamala and wish her many great roles as she continues to pursue her dreams. With God all things are possible.

  9. @Bee
    I agree with you. Have we forgotten about Clair Huxtable, who was a mother, wife and a Lawyer!!

    I also agree that I would love to see our sista’s represent educated professional women. I loved watching Angela Bassett in ER. The one I am worried about is Wendy Raquel Robinson. I lover her as an actress, but I dont recall seeing her in anything but the sista-girl role’s. I kknow this is an articulate, educated woman. When she first startd her role on Steve Harvey she was a high school Principal. But, as the show went on they made her lean towards being a little ghetto.
    Hollywood enough!! Let our beautiful black women shine and show their many talents that does not include showing off every part of their body, or using foul language, getting high being drug addicts and not raising their children correctly.

    I’m just saying……

  10. I like to point out the fact that, you point out the color of skin which makes you just as bad as a racist. (for the comment people)
    Tamala Jones I support your work, and I hope I see you in many more films and t.v show’s. Don’t stop doing what you do. (much love Tamala Jones.) Enough is enough about color, if you acknowledge it then who shows the truth about being that person (cough, cough) but Tamala you are great, and I think you will continue to prove people wrong about, matter of fact to be honest with you, I hope to see you as a Vice President on a move or t.v. and may your dreams come true. I’m rooting for you. K.G.

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