Tamar Braxton Isn’t Pregnant + Pushes Album Back Again


Just days after appearing on 106 & Park to perform her hit single ‘Love and War,’ singer Tamar Braxton has had to take to her Twitter and Instagram accounts to clear up rumors of a pregnancy.

The singer wore an unflattering Mathew Williamson jumpsuit, which at $1,200, should have looked a lot better than it did. Unfortunately, not everything that looks good on the runway looks good off.

Tamar will have to chalk this one up as a fashion fail.

BET 106 & Park With Special Guest Tamar BraxtonAnyway, above she shows off her flat tummy via Instagram. The pic was deleted shortly thereafter. Hmmmm?

As for Tamar’s music, the singer’s musical comeback has hit a snag. After ‘Love and War’ hit #1 on iTunes it slowly began to fall down the charts. Since then it has fallen in and out of the Billboard Hot 100, but continues to hang on at #11 on the R&B Songs chart.

As for the album, it is officially in limbo. After being pushed back to the first week in March, Vince disclosed it is being pushed back again, with no firm release date set.


  1. Is it just me or does Tamar look like the Wayans Brothers in that movie “White Chicks?”

  2. I will admit that in picures Tamar doesn’t photograph well. On TV she looks fine though… even pretty. I think the pics Walid Azami took of Tamar for the album are beautiful also.

  3. This woman need to go back and hide away from the media because she is a joke and a disgrace. Tamar is not cute at all and that mouth makes her look even uglier. Yet black women make her the most popular of the Braxton family…so what does that say about the black women in this country??

  4. Tamar maybe the youngest of the family, but Toni looks more like the youngest and the cutest.IMHO.

  5. This cd not coming out. Her husband record song so she can shut the hell up. Plus she to old to be a singer now.

  6. If anything I think maybe Vince will allow her to release this album to shut her the hell up and when she see that she aint all that she thought she was, maybe she will then start to listen to Vince and do things his way. I know that Vince don’t won’t to tarnish his image of a great manager but Tamar just don’t listen. Tamar thinks she just as big as GaGa/Beyonce/Rihanna but truth is she’s not even as big as her sister Toni. She do indeed have a good voice but her attitude stinks highway to heaven and that’s her biggest downfall.

  7. I dont like this web they
    are goin in on her fo no
    Reason should i report
    This web that goes in on innocent
    People so what she aint old
    And she dont think she bigger
    Than lady gaga and beyonce
    Because she just started
    Come on now:(

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