Tamar Does VH-1 Morning Buzz

Despite prolonged vocal stress, singer Tamar Braxton continues to promote and perform tracks from her Gold certified Love and War album.

Tamar hit up VH1’s Big Morning Buzz yesterday, where she gave a very subdued performance of her most recent single The One.

Tamar has spoken extensively about her strained vocals lately, saying she is “embarrassed” not to be able to sing at the level she once did.

Vocals aside, Tamar says fans will still get a great show when they come and see her, and that those lucky enough to score tickets to her joint tour with John Legend will be in for quite a few surprises.

Tamar says she plans to re-release Love and War next year and will be previewing never before released songs while on tour.


  1. I guess being inactive vocally for so long she did not realize her voice needed to build elasticity and agility. I never understood why vocal artists get lazy and stop doing vocal exercises. It’s important had Tamar been doing vocal exercises she would have known her limits. That’s why singers like Beyonce have such strong cushion in her range, she takes care of her instrument.

  2. In spite of her vocal problems, that was a pretty cool version, touring with John Legend, right crowd! Her phrasing is really lovely, plenty of melody too…she’ll get it down pat, it’s always refreshing to hear female r&b and not the producer of the track or the beats overpowering the vocals.

    Tamar toured with Toni all those years, but it’s different being front stage and center, but I know she’ll mend, it happens to some of best of them for one reason or another, just glad she’s having her day after all the past failed deals…never give up is what I see when I see her success!

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