Tamar Braxton Fired for Being ‘Too Ghetto’


Tamar Braxton Fired from ‘The Real’ for Being ‘Too Ghetto’

And so the smear campaign begins. Less than 48-hours after it was announced Tamar Braxton would be exiting her co-hosting job on the hit daytime talk show, The Real, reports are now streaming in claiming the singer was dropped due to diva-ish behavior and poor market appeal.

Published reports rumors claim Tamar recently berated a producer during a Pinterest-sponsored segment of the show. Tamar was apparently not happy with how things were going and took her frustrations out on crew members, all in front of a studio audience. Follow-up focus group testing reportedly found that educated and working class women were none too fond of Tamar, and her drag-queen-esque vernacular. Phrases like “get your life” and “have several seats,” reportedly didn’t go over well with this group of women, who found Tamar’s personality “too ghetto.”

Market research apparently went on to show that Tamar’s eye-rolling, neck-rolling and the smacking of her mouth were all stereotypical behaviors of black women that the show did not want to perpetuate.

Members of Tamar’s camp however are singing another tune, claiming the singer was anything but a diva, often providing her own transportation, hair and make-up services. Unlike most shows, The Real reportedly did not allocate a budget, considering such things amenities and the responsibility of the hosts.

As for Tamar reportedly testing poorly with audiences, neither she nor her camp have commented on that. Chances are that’s what got Tamar the boot, but saying she’s “too ghetto” wouldn’t exactly go over well with the public, while claims of being a “diva” would.

As you all know by now, Tamar has taken a vow of social media silence, and has yet to confirm or deny the claims against her. On a high note, her former co-hosts seem to be fully behind her, posting messages of support online, including the video below by Loni Love.

Posted by Loni Love on Tuesday, May 24, 2016


  1. At least she has her music career and two other reality shows to fall back on. Tamar will be just fine.

  2. Tamar was probably the highest paid and they wanted to get rid of her because of that. I’m glad someone finally called what’s happening to her exactly what it is, a smear campaign. Everyone that knows Tamar calls her professional and the sweetest person you’d ever meet. No way I believe she was cursing ppl out on set and acting a diva. She may be over the top personality wise, but they knew that when they hired her. Maybe Tamar should team up with her sisters now. I remember a few years ago they were suppose to have their own family talk show. I’m totally here for that and I’m sure her fans are too.

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