Tamar Braxton Hits the Road Again

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Singer Tamar Braxton is heading back out on the road, this time to headline her own “Love and War Tour.”

Tamar will first hook up with R. Kelly and act as his tour opener, starting April 18th and wrapping up on May 11th. After that, Tamar moves on to doing her own thing.

The “Hot Sugar” singer will headline her own tour, opening at the Fillmore in Miami, Florida on May 16th, and coming to a close on June 23rd at the Regency in San Francisco, California.

Tamar presently has no plans to tour overseas, but did assure fans we would eventually make future stop in the UK, Germany and Paris.

One thing stopping Tamar from leaving the country to tour may be her hectic schedule. She recently wrapped up shooting on the 4th season of “Braxton Family Values” and is set to start shooting on the 3rd season of “Tamar & Vince” and the first full season of her daytime talk show “The Real.”


  1. I saw Braxton and thought the article was about Toni sigh… Sometimes I forget there more then one Braxton out there now. I like Tamar’s music and has her album so good for her. Haven’t seen The Real yet

  2. Good luck to Tamar and I pray she begins to feel more at home onstage as she does in the studio. I simply love her vocals and music! I’m glad Toni’s career is doing well and she’s making the industry adjustments that all singers have to go through, especially nowadays. I recently saw the Oscar winning 2014 documentary 20 feet from stardom and thought how fortunate for Tamar. It’s a heart-wrenching documentary and made me appreciate even more what was gained, lost, won and lost into today’s music!

    This is a defining time in music, as the face of R&B is officially non-black, one of the reasons for Tamar not winning a Grammy, IMO. As I watch The Voice contestants sing in rich R&B tones, some not so great, but will still be celebrated, I certainly am rooting for Tamar and other R&B singers! I could care less when people try to insult us or perpetuate negative images. We are awesome and our contributions through music, science and commerce (The numbers/lottery,inventions, The Black Renaissance, The 1930 Oklahoma Riots, Darlene Love and Phil Spector, Berry Gordy, Tyler Perry and Oprah) yeah, we Baddddd!

    Unity is our friend! Support good Black music, Buy it!

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