Tamar Braxton Inks TV Talk Show Deal


Remember when we told you the Braxton sisters were in talks to star in their own ‘The View’ style talk show? Well, it appears only Tamar will be moving forward with the project.

‘The Real,’ as it is tentatively titled, will now feature Tamar flanked by actress Tamera Mowry-Housely, singer Adrienne Bailon, comedienne Loni Love and Style Network host Jeannie Mai.

The chat fest will get a late summer test run and if it fares well in the ratings, could eventually be picked up in syndication.

According to Tamar (via her Twitter page) her family was offered an opportunity to do a talk show but passed because not all the sisters were willing to commit to a move (the show will tape in New York).

Tamar also revealed she has a few other TV projects in the works, but declined further detail, saying she didn’t want to “jinx” herself as nothing is “officially on paper.”


  1. That’s a good mix of people. I will check it out. I wonder when her baby is due she was huge last time I saw her. Should be any day now!

  2. How is Tamar going to take care of a newborn, promote her new music and co-host a talk show?

  3. Congrats to Tamar! She can’t do it all and be a full-time new mom. Vince will be the primary caregiver, along with assistants and her mom will help out in training Tamar as a busy new mom. Well, it’s tough for working moms, while Tamar doesn’t have to work for financial reasons, she’s inching up on her last few years that her industry will even consider her and fans turn on celebrities when they approach 30 and 40, as if life is truly over. They have the money to create a nursery wherever they go, but being a mom is an endless job, 24/7, no days off, Tamar will have to work double as hard to create a strong bond and balance. She’ll see what Toni went through and others and fight for her sanity too!

  4. Also…I thought you go where the work is? Oh well, I thought they would be a hit as a “view crew,” especially, with mom giving her wisdom and advice…most new talk shows fail, Queen Latifah is coming out, in an already overcrowded field, so good luck to these ladies. I can understand not wanting to uproot your whole family, even Anderson Cooper and Ricki Lake were cancelled. I hope Toni does a show or becomes a judge on one of the reality shows, the exposure is great. Trina should do a style show, makeovers, starting over after a break-up and blog about it…they all are in a such great position to jumpstart some stuff!

  5. Her mama, sisters and multiple nannies will care for her child. That’s how it is with most celebs who want to have it all.

  6. so only Beyoncé is allowed to be a mother and a mega star at the same time?

    Tamar will be just fine and im not that big of a fan.

    life is what we make it…

  7. I am happy to see AB. Trust I was never a fan of her but she was in a movie a saw recently and she nailed it. AB is really a good actress. I think she should continue to pursue that as well.

  8. I hear Tamar is very intelligent. That being said, after faithfully watching every episode of the Braxton’s I get the impressions that Tamar will do anything to make herself look good and make the other person look stupid. By over-talking them with her powerful voice, making low digs, or just not caring how she talks to people. I hope she tame that habit having admitting not having many friends I hope ladies on the show don’t allow her to get away with her sheninigans the way her sisters have for so many years.

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