Tamar Braxton is Leaving ‘The Real’


Tamar Braxton Leaving ‘The Real’ After Rumored Betrayal

Singer Tamar Braxton is leaving The Real to concentrate on her solo career according to a joint press release issued late Sunday afternoon. The announcement came just one day after Tamar posted a cryptic message on her Instagram page saying she’d been betrayed by someone close to her, noting it was not her husband or one of her sisters. Tamar has been with the show since its inception two years ago, and is also listed as one of its executive producers.

Tamar co-hosted The Real alongside Tamera Mowry, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love and Jeannnie Mai. None of the other ladies have released a statement, though for some reason, it is Jeannie who seems to be catching the most heat for Tamar’s ouster. Loni Love is also being accused of helping get Tamar booted. Word is there was a simple vote and only Tamera was game to have Tamar return for another season.

It will probably be a while before we find out what really happened, as Tamar has also announced her decision to step away from social media. According to Taytay, she needs time to “heal and regroup.”

The Real was renewed for a third and fourth season last year. No word on whether a replacement will be sought or if producers will stick with the group they have.


  1. Hmmm. I do wonder what happened. Those joint statements claiming someone is leaving to focus on something else are almost always a nice way of saying someone was fired. Hopefully we’ll find out eventually. I know someone somewhere is gonna talk. After all, her firing was leaked almost two days ago.

  2. Tamar is rumored to have had beef with Adrienne, Loni and the Asian girl. Most rumors have some basis in truth. I think Tamar rubbed a few too many people the wrong way and in return got the boot. I’m not saying Tamar was in the wrong, but her personality can be hard to take if what I’ve seen of her on her reality shows is any indication of how she really is.

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