Tamar Braxton Eyes #1 Debut


If she can fend off Ariana Grande, Tamar Braxton might just have the #1 album in the country next week.

According to one day sales reports from Hits Daily Double, Tamar’s “Love and War” album is on track to sell anywhere between 105-110k in its first week. That is just five thousand copies less than what Disney darling Ariana Grande is expected to move with her debut release “Yours Truly.”

I don’t have to tell you guys that I am firmly #TeamTamar and have been for quite a few years. It’s hard to break out of the shadow of a successful sibling, but after almost 15 years of trying, Tamar is finally on the cusp of doing just that. What better way to celebrate her emancipation than with a #1 album?

If you haven’t already- do pick up “Love and War,” the reviews so far have been breathtaking.


  1. Dammit. I always get Disney and Nickelodeon mixed up. Ariana is Nick.

    Either way, her pseudo Mariah Carey shtick sucks.

    Go Tamar!

  2. I only value original music. New Sounds. Never do I buy remakes of old music. Remaking of old music just doesnt require much talent, or effort. When we buy remakes we encourage performers to be lazy and not be a creative genius, like our black musicians have been historically.

    I really wish beyonce cd had came out the same time as tamar’s to see which rich husband would shell out the most money to make their wife number 1.

  3. rich negroes with money buying their way to the top, and not getting their with talent, demotivates our superstars and lays the foundation for whites to take over the music scene like they did before the days of motown

  4. Vincent Herbert brought them albums watch it fall out of the top 10 next week noshade

  5. Love Tamar’s Album HotSugar what, I’m not gonna lie I’m turned up when I hear it!

  6. I swear there is no group on earth more negative than black women … SMH. These comments are ridiculous.

  7. I can understand not liking Tamar thats fine, BUT u can not say she is not talented. She is a great singer.

  8. “All The Way Home”
    “Tell Me Where It Hurts ”
    “Stay And Fight ”
    are all Classics! I appreciate Tamar as a ballad singer just like her sister. Toni still has ups on Tamar when comes to singing live but all in all she easily surpasses todays singers by miles.

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