Tamar Braxton Performs New Single + Calling all Lovers First Week Sales

Tamar Braxton’s Calling all Lovers First Week Sales are In

calling all lovers first week salesSinger Tamar Braxton kicked off the October 2 release of her Calling all Lovers album with a performance of her new single Circles on the Wendy Williams Show.

This was one of only a handful of performances Tamar has given in support of Calling all Lovers, which was pushed back from its original release date of Septemeber 11.

Unfortunately for Tamar, the push back put her in direct competition with Janet Jackson, whose Unbreakable album has snatched pole position on next week’s Billboard Hot 100.

According to early estimates released by HDD on Saturday, Calling all Lovers will most likely debut at #2 with more than respectable sales of around 47,000. This is less than the 114,000 copies Love and War sold, but very much in keeping with what’s happening within the industry.

Tamar plans to keep the promo going with two upcoming tours, one alongside Mary J. Blige set to kick off on October 30 and another alongside Kem which kicks off October 17.

To tide you over, you can view the Circles performance below. It’s not the show stopper Love and War was back in 2012, but it’s still pretty good.


  1. When Love and War came out I thought Tamar would resurrect R&B music. That song was awesome and so was Hot Sugar. The whole Love and War album was hot but then Tamar strayed when she allowed Hot Sugar to flop by pandering to gay males. Why a video about a relationship between a man and woman was paired with a video about some queens in heels is still a mystery to me. She went way of course with that one and hasn’t found her way back since. None of the songs from this album have struck have cord and that’s why the album isn’t selling well and the singles are under-performing. She needs to get back on course and focus on the music. I think she is stretching herself too thin with two reality shows, a talk show and a music career. Something will suffer and it appears its the music.

  2. i agree with JBL,….

    this statement is a cop out to me (with all due respect)

    “This is less than the 114,000 copies Love and War sold, but very much in keeping with what’s happening within the industry.”

    Love and War was a WAAAAY better album, more rounded, all i had to do was press play. this new album i struggle to get through and dont have one single on repeat. this album needed a “hot sugar” or 3. the one Caribbean styled song didnt fit Tamar from the DMV area.

    it didnt sell because it simply wasnt as good, and id be mad as HELL going up against Janets release.

    i hope tamar promotes the heck out of this album and reach more people who actually like it.

  3. oh and i love the cut and style of her wig in this video.

  4. I didn’t wanna be mean about the album. No, it’s not as good as Love and War, but I think it could have performed better had Tamar promoted better. The first single was released months ago, last year I think. We went months without new music and rarely heard about the album. Her sales have been revised down to around 40,000 in the first week, which I’m disappointed about. It’s a loss for R&B music which is already struggling.

  5. I think Tamar’s new album is really good. I understand the critics from others but this album is better than “Love And War” in certain areas. I feel she really sung her heart out and this album is more vulnerable and personal than the last one. Despite her going against Janet doesn’t take away she put out a good solid of work. The promotion for the album is unbalanced but I think she will make it through. I hope she headlines her own tour like she did with “Love And War”. Overall, I enjoy the album and I wish Tamar the best.

  6. I plan on getting the album but like someone said she allowed these men on Twitter to make her hate her own music. A lot of them build their platform on judging women. She needs to get off Twitter, condition her live vocals, and use The Real to promote her album. There is nothing wrong with that. I think she is lost and her people were foolish to think coming out the same day as Janet who has a #1 single wasn’t going to have an effect on her sales. She needs to stop listening to these kids and be smarter about her career you don’t see Janet, Bey, Alicia, etc sitting on Twitter all day.

  7. Tamar helped ruin her image with her mouth on Twitter. Artists need to protect their brand and Tamar was online beefing with every Tom, Dick and K Michelle. I can’t speak on her album except to say I haven’t liked any of the songs I’ve heard. Everything after Hot Sugar was average.

  8. Keeping up with the trend? Are you kidding? K. Michelle’s first album sold about 76K its first week, and her 2nd album sold about 10,000 MORE. The problem is that the IRS garnished Tamar’s lil funds and she couldn’t buy up all her albums this time around. C’mon, you really think she told 114K the first go-round?

  9. The comments about gay males are very unnecessary. The thing is that logic is totally flawed. You can’t blame gay males in a video for Tamar’s music flopping. They’re actually the ones who are most supportive of her by purchasing her material and have gotten her this far.

    I agree with Christine and Sista. If the album was overall a better body of work and Tamar actually promoted the album it would’ve done better. “LAW” sold 114,000 units in it’s first week. Tamar’s following has definitely grown since then especially with the help of 2 TV shows, 1 being a day time talk show where she promoted the album. Fans seemed very excited about the release. It is very strange it didn’t even sell half of what “LAW” did in 2013. VERY strange! ?

  10. I didn’t blame gay men, I blamed the pandering to gay men. Just as Azealia Banks said, females artists are being told to pander to gay men as if they are somehow the majority of music buyers. Tamar’s small little fan base isn’t mostly gay men, it’s black woman. Gay men won’t support you unless you specifically pander to them. Beyonce, Janet and Madonna have been copying queens and have that queen support. Mariah does not, but has sold no fewer albums or been less successful. Gay men support hot women. Women they can brag about and stan for. Tamar is not that artist. So, I don’t know what proof you have that gay men got Tamar this far. They have not. Plus, she hasn’t gotten that far.

  11. Love and War was a huge success, which was composed of about five really good songs and about seven album fillers. Calling all Lovers has the same amount of good song on the album but it has its own personality. She has mastered the mid tempo sound that most of us her age long to hear. Her up tempo stuff is a lot more mature than the “Love and War” Project. I think this album is just as good, in some ways better than the first. Its more flavorful. For instance she has gospel, funk, and a reggae tracks on there along with a mid tempo classic sample of Luther Vandross “If only for One Night” intro added with a snare drum sound called ” I love you”. “You raised the Bar” is a song tribute to her very talented husband Vince. In short this album takes you into a whole different mind state than the previous one, but if you take it for what it is, and not as a sequel to Love and War, I’m sure you will enjoy “Calling All Lovers”

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