Tamar Braxton Preps New Album


Singer Tamar Braxton Preps New Album Release

Tamar Braxton is prepping for the release of her fourth solo album. Via a now deleted post on Instagram, Tamar initially took aim at reckless bloggers for reporting false stories about her, before then revealing plans to release new music “soon.” Describing her upcoming project as being “hot like perm sitting on your head too long,” Tamar went on to thank her fans for their unwavering support and promised to not disappoint with her new music.

Released less than a year ago, Tamar’s last album, Calling all Lovers, was both a commercial and critical disappointment. To date the project has sold less than 300,000 copies, and unlike its predecessor, has failed to produce a top ten single on either the pop or R&B charts.

Tamar quickly went back into the studio and told Billboard earlier this year she hopes to have more time to go on tour and promote her next album. Where Tamar will find the time is anyone’s guess, given she’s just landed her own daytime talk show and stars in two reality series for WeTV.

Whatever the case, I wish Tamar luck. Love and War was a great album and single. I remember thinking she had so much promise back in 2013. Hopefully she can regain a bit of her shine when the new album comes out. Lord knows R&B music is in dire need of more female faces.


  1. Tamar is a mess. She needs to get off the internet. She is such a drama queen and seems to live on social media looking for ways to upset herself. Log off already.

    No one knew about her album because until now she’d never posted about it. She uses social media solely as a way to gossip and get into sh.it. If she posted about her music and not her personal life bloggers would write about that but she doesn’t.

    She had a good run with Love & War and Hot Sugar but her own mouth is what tanked her career. She has no one to blame but herself. That an her inept management. Vincent should have muzzled her ages ago.

  2. I like Tamar and I have her albums. I’m looking forward to her talk show and new album.

  3. These bloggers (some) are malicious and tear down celebrities. Tamar would still post about her music but they choose to post about drama. Tamar is misunderstood at times. I call it a spade a spade. Just like K. Michelle, she’s very outspoken and will stand up for herself. People need to stop holding grudges to these singer and entertainers. They have they own lives. So I don’t give a hoot about the drama. I’m focused on the music. Tamar will thrive and she’s going to be fine. There is so much negativity out there. Social media can be messed up and I personally take a break from it. No matter what you do even if you’re staying positive there will be miserable people that will try to tear you down. Tamar has gotten a few people that dislike which is fine. But I think it’s time for them to move on and let her be. She’s growing.

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