Tamar Braxton Releases New Music

It’s been a long time coming, nearly ten years to be exact, but finally singer Tamar Braxton is back with new music. Tamar’s debut single ‘Love and War,’ from her long delayed sophomore album, is being released to radio today and can also be downloaded via iTunes.

Tamar smartly shuns the dance music trend with her lead-off single and instead goes straight R&B, delivering the type of powerful ballad we rarely get to hear these days.

I don’t buy a lot of contemporary music, but whenever ‘Love and War’ hits Amazon, Tamar has got my 99 cents.

I love this single, and hope you do too. If you haven’t heard it already you can give it a listen below.


  1. She totally killed that song. Her voice here sounds exactly like it did on her TV show. That chick don’t need studio work on her vocals. That’s God given. WOW. Love the power ballard. The production is simple – just great writing and a stunning voice.

  2. ok all im saying is, we already have Toni……….do we need Tamar too? whats the difference?

    Solange didnt try to become Beyonce, we dont need 2 with 2 similar voices, but Toni’s is just a bit better.

    with that being said, she sounds really good. but the is just like a Toni left over.

  3. Love the song. And Sista, can you believe this song is TOP TEN ON ITUNES. That’s in rare form for R&B.

  4. I love this song…Tamar could always sing…but for whatever reason I just don’t think she’ll ever be as big as she wants to be

  5. That was a beautiful song. Usually the first single is an up tempo one but with a voice like that who cares. Tamars path in life has nothing to do with toni. But a duet would sound good. This is a repeat song. Good job Ms .com

  6. This is good for Tamar. I love the song! I love how Lady Gaga, Ne-yo [and others] encouraged their fanbase to support this single. We must keep R&B alive, female singers too, not just Usher, Ne-yo and Miquel!

    I just knew she would do an uptempo or dance track. R&B needed a power ballad, beyond our sexual sex me up tracks, which is fine, but diversity is always a good thing! It’s just like New Orleans after Katrina and “they” wanted us to believe it couldn’t be rebuilt, so people would abandon their city. But, Essence came back and new homes were built (still a lot to be done. R&B will always be around, the complexion will change if we don’t support it! Kelly Clarkson’s “Don’t Rush” is so R&B, Country and Pop…a true jam…so for 99 cents or a buck 29, we should at least buy a single, if only as charity to the cause of black music sales. Money talks!

  7. So glad no one here thought this song sounded like Keyshia Cole’s ‘Trust and Believe?’ I’ve been reading that everywhere online today.

    I wish Tamar success because she can sing her behind off. I also remember her debut album, which was amazing. I think a lot of singers suffer when they have a successful sibling because ppl automatically think they are coattail riding.

    I think that happened to Tamar, but now that Toni has kinda cooled off, I think the time is right for her to once again try to strike out on her own. Tamar isn’t Toni. Doesn’t sound or sing like her. I think she’s gonna help bring a certain quality back to R&B that is sorely missing.

    Good luck Tamar.

  8. Tamar has a bonafide hit on her hands. ‘Love and War’ is #2 on iTunes. That is amazing. I didn’t see that coming at all. That means if it holds up over a few days she will more than likely debut inside the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100.

    @LMAO, I am in complete shock and yet so happy for Tamar and R&B.


  9. I don’t get it. Her song from 1999 “If You Don’t Want to Love Me” is way better, but was slept on. Yet, people love this one?! Anyway, her vocals in this song are phenomenal, but that’s no surprise. This song is “blah” to me, but I’m very glad she’s finding success. I love to see the “underdog” win. It gives me hope.

  10. I LOVE IT! I am going to download this right now. I actually do think this sounds like Trust and Believe though, but I’m ok with it. I call this Trust and Believe 2.0…

  11. I love this song!!!! Can’t stop hitting repeat. R&B needs this so much. Not gonna lie, Tamar can be a little larger than life for me and I don’t like her personality sometimes, but gosh this is just so great. As one of the biggest Toni Braxton fans on earth, I think what I love the most is how much Tamar stands on her own in this, yet as a toni fan who is hungry for old-school toni this feeds that urge yet is fresh. LOVE it!!!! Helping me not want to kill the boyfriend right now…lol That’s what R&B is suppposed to do, be therapy and keep real love together. THink Boys II Men back in the early 90’s. oh I can’t stop talking about how much I love this! Go Tamar. Can’t wait to BUY the album 🙂

  12. I don’t get it. Her song from 1999 “If You Don’t Want to Love Me” is way better, but was slept on. Yet, people love this one?!

    You are right, Girl. ‘If you Don’t Wanna Love Me’ was a bomb song and better that ‘Love and War.’ I think it was slept on because Tamar was simply seen as a Braxton sister trying to ride the wave of Toni excitement that was sweeping the country at the time. She was seen as trying to hop a ride on Toni’s coattails.

    I agree with Britney_Bitches and some of the other commenters. Things happens when they are suppose to and with Toni’s career cooled off, fans can now see what Tamar has to offer. I don’t think if Toni was still hot Tamar would even be looked at.

    I think it would be cool if Tamar helped Toni get back on top. What a reversal of fortune that would be.

  13. She only sounds like toni when she hits the low notes, calm down lolsss. But I really think she’s a great aritist and is definitely someone we need in the music industry now. Good luck Tamar!

  14. Simply beautiful…Cheers to Tamar????!!

  15. This song and her voice is beyond beautiful. She has always had a voice on her but like others said, really never got her shine because when she was cominging out, Toni was on fire at the time but like you say everything happens for a reason and now it’s Tamar’s turn. She just performed it live too


    sounded JUST like the record NO studio effects needed at all….

    As it stands now, the song is #1 on the Itunes charts and that’s HUGE this song just came outta nowhere and was a hit.

  16. I don’t think Tamar and Toi sound anything alike, though Tamar can do an amazing Toni impression. Their voices mesh so well together. Listen to ‘If You Don’t Wanna Love Me’ and you will hear Toni all in the background. I want a duet with them now.

    Btw, if you buy music from Amazon like I do, Tamar’s old music is available for download now. I wish they would hurry up and add ‘Love and War.’ I just can’t mess with iTunes anymore.

  17. Loved how her husband was stanning for her during this performance! And it does remind me a little bit of Keisha’s trust but Tamar is SANGING………

  18. Ok Sista! Can I say how totally flattered I am that you reposted a snippet of my response in your response? =) Heck yea!

  19. Hate to to admit that she sounds great! Now if she can only adjust that attitude 🙂

  20. Nice track; I love it. Tamar has skills … Go back and pick up ‘So Many Ways’ – her vocals made that album. I am happy she’s getting some shine for her singing, with her over the top extra self. LOL … I gotta admit I do like her a lot.

  21. I really like this blog. Good job Sista.

    I remember back in the day people just appreciated good music. No one cared if Michael or Janet Jackson had music out at the same time. We just loved them all and enjoyed their art and talent.

    How I wish people today would do the same by not comparing Artist, those related or otherwise and would open their minds and broaden horizons.

    It’s no secret that black people are some of the most talented people on Mother Earth, so why not embrace that?

  22. Tamar Braxton sounds a lot like Mariah Carey when she sings the song Love and War. She sounds a lot like Mariah Carey in that song.

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