Tamar Braxton Storms the Charts


Nearly 13 years after her debut album peaked at #127 on the Billboard 200, singer Tamar Braxton has made her return to the music scene… and in a very big way.

According to Nielsen Soundscan, Tamar’s new single ‘Love and War’ sold 89,000 copies last week, enough to secure it a #57 debut on the Billboard Hot 100, #13 debut on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, #5 debut on the R&B Songs chart and a #1 debut on the Heatseekers Songs chart.

According to Billboard, Tamar last charted back in 1999 with her Jermaine Dupri and Amil assisted track ‘Get None,’ which peaked at #59 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and then quickly faded into oblivion.

Tamar spoke to Billboard about the success of ‘Love and War,’ which held the #1 spot on iTunes for almost 48 hours before being dethroned by Bruno Mars, saying: “It feels surreal actually because it happened so fast. It’s been so long since I had anything out in the marketplace, and for me to be checking for myself all these years and for no one to be paying attention to me, and then all of a sudden everyone’s enjoying my music, it’s really all I can ask for.”

Asked why she chose a slow jam to lead-off her new album, Tamar revealed the decision was that of her manager/husband, Vincent Herbert, and one she did not agree with. “I was devastated, I was almost in tears. I was really trying to plead my case every single day,” she said of her husband’s last minute decision to go with the song. “I wanted to pop, lock and drop it.”

Now that ‘Love and War’ is a bonafide success, Tamar says she has “learned to trust her husband’s instincts” adding: “Everyone Vince has ever worked with has been a success, so obviously he knows what he’s doing.”

Tamar went on to say that her still untitled sophomore album is about “93% complete” and that she expects it to be released sometime in February of next year. She also confirmed ‘Hot Sugar’ as the follow-up to ‘Love and War’ and said both singles will get the video treatment within the coming weeks.
And for those of you who may have missed it, here Tamar is once again singing ‘Love and War,’ this time on ‘The Couch.’ Peep how Tamar has performed this track live two or three since it was released last week. Now that is how you promote your music.

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Behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for Tamar’s new album.


  1. LOL @“I wanted to pop, lock and drop it.”

    Honestly I don’t think she cares about all the chart placement I just think she wants to do what she loves and that’s make music/perform. She just doesn’t strike me as a numbers person but IDK. Either way, she can BLOW and I’m def checking for her. I remember buying her single years ago for If you don’t wanna love me and she was blowing then but her voice has only gotten stronger cant wait to see what she has in store. She sounded GREAT on the couch/more comfortable than when she was on Wendy IMO.

  2. Oh, and that video for Love and War needs to be dropped ASAP while there’s still a ton of buzz. Strike while the iron is hot……

  3. Videos aren’t as influential as they used to be. People consume videos online now and rarely bother to go back and watch them more than once. Tamar is old school so she knows as a (somewhat) new artist she is going to have to build a following the old fashion way. These live performances will do more for this song than a video ever will. I love to see her working hard and giving a different interpretation of the song every time she performs it. Kudos to her and Vincent.

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