Tamar Takes ‘Love and War’ to the Wendy Show


Tamar Braxton’s promotion of her hot new single ‘Love and War’ continued on today’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show. Wendy is a complete Tamar stan, probably because she is old enough to remember the singer’s debut album and how totally underrated it was.

‘Love and War’ continues to perform well on iTunes but has relinquished its hold on the #1 position after almost 48 hours on top. It presently sits at #19, which is still decent enough to secure it a pretty high position on either this week’s, or next week’s Billboard Hot 100.

In the meantime, check out Tamar’s killer performance below. Her ability to sound exactly as she does on record is amazing. Note for note, she totally came through.


  1. I saw this last night before I went to bed. She did a good job. I am very happy for her!

  2. beautiful. i will definitely getting this song and the album when it comes out

  3. she did good and was very reserved, i prefer her reserved side more. she comes off as more pretty and genuine opposed to the hot ghetto mess reality star.

  4. she did good… I wouldnt mind seeing her in concert.. I like the song live better to me because the studio version sound a bit more like her sister Toni

  5. I actually love the live versions of the song more than the album version which to me is a bit more reserved and radio friendly. I downloaded the above performance, turned it into an mp3 and have it on my phone.

  6. I love this.I think she can bring back what r&b has been missing.

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