Tamar Debuts New Christmas Single


Singer Tamar Braxton has debuted ‘She Can Have You,’ the first release off of her eclectic new Christmas album ‘Winter Loverland,’ due out November 11th.

The 10-track CD features holiday classics like ‘Santa Baby’ and ‘Silent Night,’ as well as original holiday heartbreak tunes like ‘No Gift’ and the aforementioned ‘She Can Have You.’

Give the tune a listen below, and don’t forget, if you pre-order now from Amazon, you can get the album at a steep discount.


  1. THat was a really nice song, I’ll def be purchasing this album as well. Good Job Tamar!!

  2. Go Tamar Go! You or Ciara have got to take over this industry FOR REAL QUALITY TALENT TO SURVIVE.

  3. I love it!!! But, more important, if we can get just a portion of younger women to listen to “slow music” or love songs, artists can make it more about the music, than antics. There is enough room for all types of music…we just don’t hear “beautiful” songs anymore…beautiful singing…we don’t make wedding songs anymore…like the 90s or 80s…a few people got rich, sold our souls, not much of a choice…why the industry is tanking…now we decide on buying music, even if it’s good on who’s (personality) is selling it…who we want in the top spot or slot…why I love Rihanna, she did it not because of, but in spite of…Tamar seems to be on the same track…I thought she was delusional too…but, this chick can really sing! Love Christmas music, will be buying it…Mary’s too…

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