Tamar Braxton’s Live ‘Love & War’ Performance

I totally slept through the season finale of ‘Tamar & Vince,’ thankfully WeTv uploaded what most fans probably tuned in to see: Tamar‘s live performance of ‘Love and War,’ which was taped at a private industry showcase earlier this fall.

Fans obviously liked what they saw and heard because ‘Love and War’ has finally hit the #1 spot on iTunes, unseating Bruno Mars and his ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ single, which has held the #1 spot for most of the week.

Check out Tamar’s performance below and if you haven’t picked up the single on iTunes, click here to do so now.

Update: I have updated this article to include video of Tamar’s performance of both ‘Hot Sugar’ and ‘Love and War.’


  1. wow, I am sooo impressed! She truly sounds just a good live as on audio recording…..not to compare the two cause there different and I love and respect them both but Toni as much as I love her, stinks vocally live (especially if she’s dancing) her and Mariah are great studio artists that release great albums, but I would’t pay $50 bucks to see in concert. I would totally spend money to see Tamar live 🙂 hmmmmm, I don’t watchthe Tamar and Vince show, but I might have to start….

  2. Y’all see white folks trying to claim Tamar only went number one on itunes because Lady Gaga tweeted about her to her fake 31 million fans. We all know two-thirds of those accounts are fakes, bots and spam accounts.

    Also trying to claim Toni is now jealous of her sister and that Vincent is so powerful he bought off the people at radio and itunes.

    Uggg. I just cannot stand people who try to tear down other folks success.

  3. Yep. Saw that this morning. White sites are completely trying to take credit away from Tamar and instead give it to Lady Gaga. This sort of racism is why I don’t like black artists co-signing white acts because when the reverse happens, and it rarely ever does, the white act is given all the credit. So rather than Tamar being seen as an artist who has paid her dues, and she has, she is dismissed as someone whose success is 100% because of something someone else did, rather than her own hard work. If people really knew how much singing Tamar has done in this business they would be happy for her success rather than knocking her. Tamar and the Braxtons have their own fan base and they have clearly rallied to support her. If these people are mad now just wait until Hot Sugar comes out.

    As for Gaga, she can’t even rally her fan base to buy her own music, much less Tamar’s. Gaga had the public’s nose open for a minute but it closed pretty quickly. She’s seen as flash in the pan more than the successor to Madonna’s still occupied throne.

  4. Keyshia Cole fans spittin’ mad today too. The same guy who produced this for Tamar produced Keyshia’s Trust and Believe. The difference is the lyrics. Tamar wrote hers and they are better. Tamar is also a better singer. Tamar is sho nuff gonna put R&B back on the pop charts. Who would have thought?

    Oh yeah, great performance. I prefer that performance to the record version.

  5. I loved both performances. Her voice is a relief to R n B. Im glad shes here and I hope shes ready for the haters cuz the better u r the more u have. i would pay to see her live also.

  6. White people are always going to say things that demean black artists and celebrities. WETV is not a black network and The Braxtons have gained popularity across demographics…amar’s mainstream television appearances, i.e., Anderson Cooper and others helped her sales. Lady Gaga is a shrewd business woman and I smell a duet??? She could use a big single like “Telephone”…her career is very challenging because her “little monsters” don’t want to see her evolve (many hate New York Chic Gaga).

    I just hope Tamar doesn’t buy into their disparaging remarks and say something to offend people and hurt her sales, those people don’t matter because a number one is a number one! Just like Lady Gaga sold her CD for 99 cents and Madonna gave hers away with concerts tickets (people also tried to discredit their numbers…People only buy what resonates with them and this song does! Because Gaga didn’t have the high charting singles/sales as her previous albums. Being a reality TV star (a super talented one too) is the second biggest factor and being Toni Braxton’s sister is number one! The Voice Contestant Amanda Brown is another big winner and surprise, she also charted well on iTunes.

    It’s a HUGE accomplishment for someone not in their twenties to score a number one hit today…I really didn’t think Tamar was going to have a singing career, but GOD did!


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