Tamar & Vince Debut Ratings

Did you guys catch the debut of WeTv’s newest reality series Tamar & Vince? According to TV by the Numbers, about 910,000 of you tuned in, not quite what WeTv was hoping for, but still not bad for cable TV.

Braxton Family Values, which acted as the lead-in to Tamar & Vance, ended season 2.5 with 960,000 viewers, down from season 1, but not by much. ‘BFV’ has already been renewed for a third season and is due to resume shooting in early October.

As for Tamar & Vince, if you didn’t catch the premiere you can still check it out thanks to WeTV who made the debut episode available for viewing online.


  1. wow my favourite part when he told her she has a problem with her self esteem, which is true

  2. Vince is very dismissive of Tamar. Whenever she asks for help he always says NO and then just walks away. I agree with Tamar, if all he’s gonna say is no then maybe he doesn’t need the title of Executive Producer.

  3. I hate to tell you but I think Vince is afraid this album is not gonna do well!!!!!I also hate to telly you that I thik he is right. Just hearing a little of the music it’s Toni and Beyonce sound mixed together!!! Becuase its’ been done it sounds copied!!! I know she wants producers who have worked with these people but I think they should have gotten producers with DIFFERENT SOUNDS!!!!!! I wish you luck Tamar but we will all just have to wait and see.

  4. @TLD the album is not going to do well cos the music is so childish, I mean a song called Get your life, really? who is going to be buying that?

  5. It actually was updated and it reached 1.8 million viewers,http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2012/09/25/season-2-finale-of-braxton-family-values-and-new-series-tamar-vince-reach-2-5-million-total-viewers/150208/ go Tamar, and the get yo life song will catch on because its catchy and has become a popular phrase its already stuck in peoples head. Tamar and Vince work well for each other people might not understand their dynamic but it works for them, 9yrs and counting, I just think they balance each other out, as he stated she’s been the same person since day one so obviously he loves it, so who are we to hate. I love the show and wish them much continued success.

  6. It’s a cute show. It seems like they waited too long to put it out though. I didn’t get that. Maybe Vince being sick was the reason for the delay or something.

  7. I gave the show a try…she was really irritating..shes a little much for me…and when I discovered her age..I was really turned off too Daggon old…but I will watch the second episode and hope she shows another side…

  8. She’s super annoying and I didn’t like her on BFV so Tamara and Vince will not be showing in my house. She’s very immature and without her sister (who’s more interesting than her) I give this show one season.

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