Tamar & Vince

Are you ready for Tamar & Vince? WeTv is hoping you are because the network has set September 20th as the premiere date for their new “Braxton Family Values” spin-off.

The show will focus on the couple’s relationship as they attempt to have a baby and recover from Vince’s recent health scare.

Check out the first promo shot posted above, and click here to visit the show’s page, which was unveiled earlier today.


  1. I love that picture above. Don’t know if I could take a whole show with Tamar and Vince though. She is loud and he tends to walk away from her a lot on camera.

    On another note, something crossed my mind today while I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline.

    The Kardashian women are now hawking eyewear for some company. The first thing I thought is where are the opportunities for the Braxton sisters? White America is throwing money at their women left and right; what is black America doing for the Braxtons? What opportunities have we afforded them?

    Evelyn Lozada married a rich black man and gets a publishing deal with Young Money Books, but nothing for Jennifer and Royce, two beautiful sistas who could thrive if we in the black community had more to offer them than just harsh words.

    I have noticed a trend where everyone is afforded opportunities in our community except us.

    Royce is a college graduate with ties to black colleges and there are plenty of young black women like her in college. Surely that could be branded in some way.

    I don’t know, it just seems a shame that as black women we get left out of the money loop in the white community and our own.

  2. I dunno. I’ll check it out but I too don’t know if I can take an entire hour of Tamar. She is super annoying. I’m gonna need a buffer, like another sister added to the cast. Trina would be perfect.

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