Tameka Foster Gives Birth

Usher & Tameka While standing in my neighborhood bodega waiting for my western omelette with cheese and listening to the radio, I heard Ed Lover and his morning crew on New York’s Power 105.1, announce that Tameka Foster had given birth last night. As you all know Tameka was with child when she and Usher married back in August and later on they announced that they would be having a boy. Congratulations to the happy new parents!


  1. I’m sorry and I don’t mean to be cruel, but I don’t see this relationship lasting long. I don’t wish that on any married couple, b/c I am a newlywed….but something just doesn’t seem right. Maybe I am wrong….. :confused:

  2. Congrats to Usher. Now he needs to get back out there and release some new music! 😆

  3. this one is the golden child. her other children better watch their step around this baby or feel temeka’s wrath!! they better not breathe on the baby wrong, look at it too long and damn sure better not try to pick it up. :lol2:

  4. Lol @ Mo’star :lol2: 😆 Something tells me Tameka’s wrath is nothing to sneeze at, those poor babies LOL! :lol2:

    Congrats to them both. 🙂

  5. Lolo loves the kids… Congrats to them. I know they’re happy. We have two new little ones in the family and they’re just a joy. Well, at least to me, because when they cry, I just hand them off to my siblings.

  6. Yes! Usher needs to come back soon b/c Ne-Yo and Chris Brown are comming for his crown. :dance1: :dance2: :dance:

  7. [quote comment=”16485″]I’m sorry and I don’t mean to be cruel, but I don’t see this relationship lasting long. I don’t wish that on any married couple, b/c I am a newlywed….but something just doesn’t seem right. Maybe I am wrong….. :confused:[/quote]

    then why speak it into existence? if you don’t want to be mean, then DON’T. wish them the best

  8. I hope the baby looks Usher cause Maneka is one ugly chick and she never speaks on her other children. oh, I forgot, this one is her money maker! :booty:

  9. That is great. I wish them the best. Usher appears to be very happy with her, so I am happy for them.


  10. Eighty, I don’t come on this blog to argue. I simply say what I feel. I don’t believe in speaking such things into existance, I believe whatever is meant to be will be and that’s it. Allow me to say what I feel just like anyone else on this blog………..Thank you 🙄

  11. Congrats to BROWN SISTA for being the FIRST website to announce the birth. I even had to give you ladies a shout out on my blog. Congrats to usher and the baby mama. I’m sure little URSH is beautiful. Hopefully the little bundle of joy will bring the family back together, meaning usher’s mom and his new wife.

  12. congrats to them i sich every mariage to last no matter how much i dislike the person 🙂

  13. Congrats to Usher and Tameka :dance:

    They are a beautiful couple and they’ll be ok as long as they stay away from people who don’t support their union :dance:

  14. wow this is the first site where most of the comments were positive over on CL ppl r having fits. but anyway congrats 2 them i guess.

  15. Why do people dislike Tameka so much. Is it because she is older and had kids from previous relationship? Or what is it? I tend to think that because she is not attractive enough for people’s standard that people start to think that she is not good enough for Usher. I think people expected him to date a “hottie” and when he chose a real woman, people get mad. A child is a blessing and I am sure Usher knows what he is doing. “Maybe it’s not the perfect scenario for y’all but then again, what is perfect?”

  16. I’m really happy for Usher he has been waiting all his life to have a son..and now he has it…I hope Usher’s carrer ain’t over because of the child…I read that he didn’t release his album because Tameka told him that he had more important things to do….I hope it’s not true….I’m really missing usher right now 🙁 the music industry ain’t the same without him…Thank god we have Chris Brown and Ne-yo that are doin their thing..If they weren’t here…Rnb wouldn’t be the same at all…


  18. Is Tamika Foster the sister of New York’s from Flava of Love’s mom?They could pass for twins.

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