Tameka Sets The Record Straight

Tameka Foster Raymond Tameka Foster Raymond, soon to be ex-wife of singer Usher Raymond, is breaking her silence and setting the record straight. In a new interview posted on LaShonda.wordpress.com, the 39 year old mother of five sounds off on her impending divorce, the nasty plastic surgery rumors, and why she says gossip bloggers are not to be believed.

Here are some excerpts from Tameka’s interview with LaShonda:

Q: Do you still love your husband?

A: There is a quote I have always loved from author Franklin P. Jones! ”Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

Q: Sorry to change the topic, but there is a strong rumor that you threatened violence against a specific Atlanta based blogger due to she was stating multiple unconfirmed details regarding your divorce. Would you like to address this?

A: The rumor is actually quite boring, juvenile, yet hilarious. Ironically, I never knew of her or her blog until an associate alerted me about her and her erroneous remarks. I think the case with SO many bloggers is that there are good ones and there are those that are negative. When did they become a credible source on my life? I believe some of their blogs are actually erected to fulfill a certain void or insecurity within the writer. Deplorably, most don’t bother to “fact” check, they just sensationalize, repeat rumors or make them up in hopes of more hits and the possibilities from potential advertisers, I’ve learned. Those with malicious agendas don’t want the truth anyway. However, for the record- Be clear, I don’t do very much anonymously nor do I make threats, I’m a grown woman and there’s no need for me to make silly threats. Especially to the likes of disgruntled “Mean Girl” types hiding behind keyboards. Goodness, where do they find the time? In other words I did NOT threaten this Atlanta based blogger.

Q: Being in the spotlight is never easy. And the paparazzi have definitely gone after you regarding your high profile relationship. In one incident, I recall an unflattering picture from a photo shoot that circulated the blogs for quite some time. This one picture lead many people to believe that you developed a complex about your personal appearance and sought cosmetic surgery in Brazil because of that. Is this true?

A: Yes, there is an unauthorized altered photo that was taken with the intent of being a head shot (ie; to be cropped at the chest), it was not styled at all and shot at the end of a shoot. Unfortunately, it got into the wrong hands and a little Photoshop work is done and ‘voila’ you have a bad and funny shot of someone’s wife. A real knee-slapper. As far as my experience in Brazil, I NEVER had any cosmetic surgery done at all. I was to undergo a standard 30-40 min procedure and I had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, nothing was ever started or happened. Never was there a planned ‘tummy tuck’ as reported. I have had nothing done aside from being birthed from parents blessed with awesome health and good genetics. I love me/ my body yet for a brief moment I got a little caught up in the Worldly perception of beauty and made an impromptu, unwise decision that I learned a valuable lesson from, I was only two months post delivery. I thank God for all that he has blessed me with. There are no complexes, no shortcuts and to stay focused is the answer.

Q: So, you never went into cardiac arrest as stated by the media outlets?

A: Yes I did, but it was due to an adverse reaction to the anesthesia.

Please visit Lashonda to read the rest.


  1. Hmmm… I don’t beleive her on the whole “wasn’t getting surgery in Brazil” story. My instinct tells me I shouldn’t {believe her} but my instinct also tells me I’m a lame for actually reading this post and lamer for commenting.

    On another note: that is a very pretty picture of her.

  2. Why wouldn’t you believe her about her life. Do you know her pesonally is she known to lie to you alot. Let’s not take everything these blogs say to heart. Alot of them do make up stuff. You have to take these blogs for what they are and that is entertainment.

  3. she seems quite nice judging fromthis interview but i am somewhat skeptical about the whole “anesthesia” story nothing wrong with gettin cosmetic surgery ohh well her setting the record staright has certainly made my day whole lot better i was so worried that she wouldnt *sarcasim*….

  4. @ Bee- I don’t why I don’t believe her… I just don’t. Just because she says it, does that make it the final truth?? Clinton said he didn’t “cut” Monica at first, then what happened?? :-\
    I don’t know her personally but sue me… thought I was allowed to follow my instincts when I THINK someones lying. I’m not saying she is, just saying I don’t believe her.

  5. I like what she said about the disgruntled mean girls hiding behind the keyboard. So true, so true smh. I have been following Temeka on Twitter.She is kind of cool. I never said anything bad about her, wish her the best with her boys.

  6. Whats up with this picture? Is this sista so ugly that they had to shrink her nose and lighten her skin? Tameka is not ugly.

    On the interview. Tameka is LYING she got work done and she knows it. She knew Ushers eyes was else where and she went for a quick fix. No need for her to lie. I hate her and Usher didn’t work though they talked about how they were friends first and they seemed to have a relationship that would last. I wonder what happened?

  7. tameka has never been ugly sje is just not light blond with gray eyes wearing skimpy outfits and mimicking coco in fotoshoot that’s all

  8. Tameka is a beautiful sista without a doubt.

    What picture is she speaking of?

    Why would you travel all the way to Brazil for surgery, if it wasn’t cosmetic? If it was a standard procedure, I think I would rather stay in the US to have it done. The only reason a person would travel that far for surgery is to hide from everyone what they’re doing.

  9. I could’ve sworn I made a comment on this….where’d it go? -_o

  10. @ Voice

    I totally agree. Usher married this sista and it was other sistas talking about how ugly she is and how he could do better. But when Reggie got with kim the black sistas was chewing each other out talking about, “thats my girl. Leave her along.” It’s sad.

    @ Renae

    I was talking about the heavily photoshopped picture up top. It doesn’t even look like Tameka, It looks like Juanita Bynum or some other chick. And you are right about that surgery, if it was a medical conditon that required surger she would’ve went to Grady Memorial or something. Brazil is home of the but lifts and tummy tucs, but it’s no need for her to lie. Everybody in the spotlight is doing it, had it done, or will get it did.

  11. You can be light or dark on in the middle and be ugly or well not that good looking imo….light hair and light eyes don’t make you better looking to me oh no no no. Never thought she was ugly but didn’t think she was all that pretty but eh w/e Usher liked it for a while didn’t he? What I had said before was isn’t the blogger she was having words w/ Sandra Rose? And also Brazil is one of the world’s plastic and cosmetic surgery capitals….especially for buttocks augmentation.

  12. Also did she leave her kids and well other ex-husband to be with Usher or was that exaggerated?

  13. @ EBZ202

    I heard that too about the kids. I don’t know if its true either. If it is, I think it’s dead wrong.

  14. @EBZ202

    No the blogger was not SR( even tho SR helped spread the word about it LOL, but another Atlanta based blogger, forgets the name, but this blogger claims to have proof of the threat.. she has Ms. Fosters Ip address in her blog files several times she says( like most blogs do, how else would they know when ppl comment w/ different names) anywho the blogger said the threat came from Fosters IP & says that she knows several ppl that the lady(Foster) questioned about her** shrugs**. So knowing that blogs DO have that ip trapping I am inclined to believe that Ms. Foster is fibbing. I do agree w/ u tho, ugly is as ugly does.. doesn’t matter what shade u are.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder & your right Usher liked it for a min. It is what it is, ppl have their reasons.

    P.S. Oh yea, just remebered the bloger was Atlien LOL

  15. You can be light or dark on in the middle and be ugly or well not that good looking imo….light hair and light eyes don’t make you better looking to me oh no no no

    You got that right EBZ202!

  16. Im tried of this light skin and dark skin thing.

    @ EBZ202 i agree with the comment. I think black is beautiful all shades. We are the culture that really is a rainbow with wonderful skin if you take care of yourself.

    When usher was with her yes i question that relationship like what in the hell but i seen happiness in the both of them. Why take joy from these two people.

    It had sadden me that they are not together anymore.

    I feel like the media and the blogger had alot to do with his decision to not to be with her. You see he had to defend there relationship everytime.

    The ones i feel sorry for is the kids all the kids including the one she had with her ex.

  17. i will not be apart of making her famous for marrying someone who is really famous and only staying married for a year. Of which they were only married because she got knocked up. Anyone can see Usher only married her because of that because he wanted to be the father he never had. She may be a lovely person but she need not feel the need to obtain spot light. Just get yo divorce and your check and go be a normal black woman. All this is so unessisary. I don’t car eto even hear her story i didn’t even read it. She should be strong enough to go to church, shake it off, and then go home and be a good mother and citizen.

  18. @ Blame It On Tha Rain oohhh ok.

    @ lady me to but it won’t go nowhere no time soon though it’s gotten a tiny bit better or at least I tell myself that lol. I hope media and bloggers were not the reason ’cause that would make him look really weak.

  19. Having a person’s IP address after a comment only means that the comment came from a certain computer. In some cases many people have access to the same computer. Doesn’t mean the same person wrote every comment, thus different screen names.

    Oh, and that is a pretty picture of Tameka. Hope she finds happiness.

  20. @Amethyst

    That could very well be the case, but all in all it(Ip address) comes from HER computer according to this person, so SOMEONE in her household sent out the msgs. Somebody in her home or using her computer felt the need to send a “threat”. Just seems very suspect to me.

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