Tamar and Vince Squash Divorce Rumors


Tamar and Vince not Divorcing

Are Tamar and Vincent Herbert headed for divorce? Probably not based on the cuddly video the two recently posted to Tamar’s Instagram page. In the wake of recent rumors declaring the couple were separating due to Tamar’s supposed infidelity, the pair took to social media to squash the rumors by appearing together in a show of solidarity. The short clip features Tamar’s singing Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby, with the caption “After all these years he still hates when I sing in his ear.”

So there you have it. Vince looks super uncomfortable, which means this will probably be the only rebuttal the couple will issue, at least until their reality series Tamar & Vince returns later this fall.


  1. I never believed the rumors but Vince damn sure looks like he’d like to be anywhere but in that video.

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